Port of Sevastopol, Ukraine

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Port of Sevastopol, Ukraine:

Location details

business opportunities: CAD Ukraine - Engineering design services 12.5km, Treysan Corporation 419.2km, TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems 443.4km, Dorce Prefabricated Bldg.&Const.Ind.Trade; Inc. 444.2km, Beron Petroleum Exploration Limited 445.0km, Merty Energy Exploration,Production & Services Inc 445.0km, MA-PA LTD 445.8km, Crude Oil, Refineries, Oil Fields 446.2km, Dorce Prefabricated Bldg.&Const.Ind.Trade; Inc. 448.3km, Enpet Drilling Consultants 448.9km

GMT+2 (Mar 02, 08:01)
Ukraine, Europe
+380 692 540648
+380 692 542678
+380 692 553439
Web site:

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Port details

Water location:
Black Sea (Sea)
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Anchorage depth:
17.1m - 18.2m
Cargo pier depth:
7.1m - 9.1m
Oil terminal depth:
Dry dock:
Harbor size:
Railway size:
Harbor type:
Coastal Natural
Max size:
Up to 500 feet in length

Coordinates: 44°37′0.00″N 33°31′60.00″E

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  • Chersonesus Taurica
  • Корабль управления "Донбасс" ВМС Украины
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  • Фрегат "Паллада"
  • Херсонес, часовня
  • Навстречу шторму
  • Артиллерийская бухта, панорама 360 (Artillery bay, panorama 360)
  • Memorial of  flooded ships
  • Панорама 360 Памятник затопленным кораблям (panorama Monument to the scuttled ships)

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