TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems


As a manufacturer and solution-provider, TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems has been meeting the water treatment needs of the oil and gas industry for more than two decades. TIMEX is a leader in the field of compact and reliable filtration solutions, and offers a complete range of equipment and processes to satisfy your treatment requirements.
With specialised experience and know-how, TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems can perfectly assist you and supply turnkey solutions for all your water-related challenges. TIMEX can supply individual or skid-mounted systems for varying demands of different specific processes.
Filtration systems for offshore plants
In order to overcome the hardest filtration problems in the most difficult environments, TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems can furnish plug-and-play type solutions, which are installed on a DNV 2.7.1 or EN 12079-certified skid for offshore plants.
As an authorised manufacturer of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, TIMEX can design and fabricate U-stamped filters as per the ASME VIII Division 1 design code.
Water treatment filtration systems for the offshore industry
Water from a variety sources, including seawater and produced water, can be utilised effectively on offshore oil production platforms and vessels as injection, service or cooling water. But no matter what the source or how it is used, proper filtration is vital for keeping water management cost-effective.
TIMEX filters deliver reliable, effective filtration solution of solids from 3,500µ to 0.1µ in size. The company's products include but are not limited to:

Self-cleaning automatic filters up to 4,000m³/hr per unit
Complete coalescer systems for purification
Customised cartridge filters as per requirements
Basket strainers for service and utility water filtration
Skid-mounted systems for cooling water filtration
Reverse osmosis (RO) systems as turnkey solutions
Cross flow type media filtration systems
Bag filter units, available in single or multiple bag assemblies
Hydrocyclone separators for the elimination of particles
High-pressure filter vessels
Micro-drum filters for coarse filtration

With its complete filtration solutions, TIMEX advances the filtration quality especially for polishing water of particles 50µ or less, which are too small for many wedge-wire screens and too large to economically filter with ultra-filtration (UF) systems.
In applications where RO will be used to remove dissolved solids, TIMEX products offer excellent, cost-effective pre-treatment to protect expensive RO membranes.
Seawater filtration for oilfield applications
Clean seawater is used in various oilfield applications. TIMEX filters can be used in a wide variety of oil and gas applications, including:

Injection water treatment systems
Cooling water filtration to protect heat exchangers and bearings
Service and utility water filtration
Pre-filtration for SWRO desalination systems
Filtration of raw seawater for pipeline flushing
Wastewater treatment systems

Reliable water filtration systems
The technology behind TIMEX’s filtration is extremely reliable, as is the construction of each unit. Built to customer specifications and conforming to international codes and standards, TIMEX filters can be tailored to nearly every project with ideal materials, welding, coatings and controls.
From carbon steel to super duplex, SMO 254 and titanium, TIMEX filters can be built to almost any specification, and they are engineered to last for years – even in the toughest conditions.
Self-cleaning automatic screen filters
Reliable TIMEX self-cleaning screen filters can make produced water, seawater or surface water cleaner, more effective, and less damaging to reservoirs and equipment in oil production operations, onshore or offshore.
Thanks to their unique and specialised design, TIMEX automatic filters ensure continuous flow without interruption and 100% cleaning of the filter element. TIMEX automatic filters use less than 1% of the total process water for cleaning.
The self-cleaning cycle is triggered by the accumulation of suspended solids on the screen surface, as measured by the pressure differential. Therefore, cleaning is performed as needed, resulting in minimal water and energy waste. Suction-scanning technology eliminates the need for isolating the filter during the self-cleaning cycle.
Maintenance-free automatic screen filters
The investment cost of TIMEX automatic self-cleaning filters can be quickly recovered through dramatic savings in maintenance, consumables and compliance with regulations and company policies. Features include:

No plugging and souring of reservoir
Reduced wear on seals and bearings of injection pumps
Increased interval between changes of cartridges or bags in fine filtration systems
Longer life of expensive RO and UF membranes
Dramatic reduction in backwash water that must be stored or disposed of
Significant reduction in contaminant concentration, allowing companies to stay ahead of tightening water quality regulations
Fewer maintenance operations in remote sites, including offshore rigs and FPSOs

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