Port of Sfax, Tunisia

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Port of Sfax, Tunisia:

Location details

business opportunities: AMATAB & CO 0.3km, DALIC Inspection 1.4km, Equimo Ltd 165.1km, GPS OilLogistics 165.1km, GOCS 165.1km, SAROST S.A. 165.1km, SAROST S.A. 165.1km, Carthago Oil Company Tunisia - Medjerda Block 237.2km, Integration Objects 237.6km, NISCO - National Industrial Systems Co. 335.9km

GMT+1 (Apr 27, 09:58)
Weather now:
19° C
Tunisia, Africa
+216 71 735300
+216 71 735812
Web site:

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Port details

Water location:
Gulf of Gabès (Gulf)
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Anchorage depth:
6.4m - 7.6m
Cargo pier depth:
9.4m - 10m
Oil terminal depth:
9.4m - 10m
Dry dock:
Harbor size:
Railway size:
Harbor type:
Coastal Breakwater
Max size:
Up to 500 feet in length

Coordinates: 34°43′60.00″N 10°46′0.00″E

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