Port of Gunsan (Kunsan), South Korea

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Port of Gunsan (Kunsan), South Korea:

Location details

business opportunities: Daewoo International Corporation 109.2km

GMT+9 (Jan 31, 20:16)
Weather now:
-3.9° C
South Korea, Asia
+82 63 4412223
+82 63 4412351
Web site:

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Port details

Water location:
Yellow Sea (Sea)
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Anchorage depth:
Cargo pier depth:
Oil terminal depth:
Dry dock:
Harbor size:
Railway size:
Harbor type:
Max size:

Coordinates: 35°58′43.00″N 126°42′41.00″E

Photos around Port of Gunsan (Kunsan)

  • 群山の日本式家屋
  • Geumgang (River)
  • 이영춘가옥(李永春家屋)
  • 구 일본 제18은행 군산지점(舊 日本 第十八銀行 群山支店)
  • 철길집
  • The Geum River, seen from where the old port of Ganggyeong
  • Ritz Hotel - Kunsan, Korea
  • 군산시외버스터미널 (2009.02)
  • Eunpa amusement park 은파유원지
  • 금강하구둑 (2009.02)
  • Gunsan - View (군산)
  • 군산화물역 (群山貨物驛, Gunsan Hwamul Station)
  • 구군산세관본관(舊群山稅關本館)
  • 해망굴 옆 미용실
  • Kumgang Birdwatching Center
  • Eunpa amusement park 은파유원지
  • Eunpa amusement park 은파유원지
  • Eunpa amusement park 은파유원지

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Videos around Port of Gunsan (Kunsan)

  • 2009 09 28 Driving into Gunsan-Kunsan (S. Korea)
  • P3D - S-3B Viking ROKN - Kunsan/Gunsan Air Base - By JMCV 2013
  • South Korea : Gunsan or Kunsan Uni Study group last supper
  • MV-22 Osprey. Kunsan Air Base to Gwangyang Port.
  • F-16 Takeoffs. Kunsan Air Base 2014.
  • 2010 01 28 Gunsan River Hill Tourist Hotel (S. Korea)
  • Jet Crew At Kunsan Air Base
  • Defenders Remember Fallen Airmen at Kunsan Air Base
  • Kunsan Air Base F-16 Fighting Falcons Takeoff for Red Flag Exercise
  • PACAF Commander Visits the Wolf Pack at Kunsan Air Base, Korea
  • Kunsan Jiu Jitsu
  • F-16s Take Off From Kunsan Air Base for Red Flag Alaska 14-3
  • F-16 Maintenance, Hush House, Kunsan Air Base, Korea
  • F-16C flying at Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea. 1992
  • AFN Kunsan - Kunsan Air Base hosts Sailors
  • Lt. Gen. Jan-Marc Jouas Visits Kunsan Air Base
  • Maintainer Defends Kunsan
  • Honorary Pilot Kunsan Air Base, Korea
  • fishing 홀로 고기잡는 꼬마소녀 Gunsan BiUng Port (군산 비응항) in KOREA
  • AFN Kunsan - Airman keeping the skys safe
  • Gunsan BiUng Port (군산 비응항) in KOREA -Saemanguam Seawall 새만금 방조제
  • Fisherman's Blues In Gunsan /군산시
  • 아름다운 군산 비응항 풍경--Gunsan BiUng Port (군산 비응항) in KOREA
  • Gunsan BiUng Port (군산 비응항) in KOREA -Saemanguam Seawall 새만금 방조제
  • 군산 경암동철길마을 [Gopro Hero3+] / Korea View / Railroad town Gunsan

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