Brass Oil Terminal, Nigeria

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Brass Oil Terminal, Nigeria:

Location details

business opportunities: PEM Offshore 112.3km, Franklin Howard International Ltd 175.7km, Tidewater, Inc. 382.2km, Cape Oil International Limited 410.8km, OFFCON 411.3km, Marine Platforms limited 411.3km, IES Energy Services Limited 412.1km, Atlantic Marine & Oilfield Services 412.1km, ABNL Limited 412.3km, RigNet Inc. 414.7km

GMT (Nov 28, 17:24)
Nigeria, Africa
+234 84 300370
+234 84 235402

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Port details

Water location:
Gulf of Guinea (Gulf)
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Anchorage depth:
23.2m - OVER
Cargo pier depth:
3.4m - 4.6m
Oil terminal depth:
9.4m - 10m
Dry dock:
Harbor size:
Very Small
Railway size:
Harbor type:
Open Roadstead
Max size:
Up to 500 feet in length

Coordinates: 4°4′60.00″N 6°16′60.00″E

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