Photos & videos of Gin Drinkers Bay (Lap Sap Wan), Hong Kong

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  • 香港 如心海景酒店上望-晚上的香港-繁星点点
  • 嘉皇臺  The Palace; 廣播道 Broadcast Road
  • Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church 五旬節聖潔會永光堂﹔ Lok Fu; 樂富
  • 九龍寨城公園  Park of Kowloon Walled City
  • Lek Yuen Bridge﹔ 瀝源橋 ﹔Yue Shing Court﹔ 愉城苑
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple#1
  • Pagoda at Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
  • Building Jungle Night View of Hong Kong
  • Future for Mankind (人類的未來)﹔ Riviera Gardens; 海濱花園
  • Highways, Container Ports and Skyscrapers
  • Hong Kong harbour night view CSW ~ panorama 8 images ►Best viewed when OPENED◄
  • stone cutter's bridge II
  • West Rail Tsuen Wan Station
  • Shamsuipo
  • Kai Tak : 1993
  • Skilled workers
  • 火炭 御龍山 (住宅) The Palazzo (residential), Fo Tan
  • Slender Skyscrapers, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong                       荃湾
  • 基督教墓場 Christian Cemetery
  • 如心海景酒店上望-早上的香港
  • Cart Noodle 車仔麵
  • 獅子山  Lion Rock Hill; 樂富游樂場﹔ Lok Fu Recreation Ground
  • 樂富中心  Lok Fu Shopping Centre
  • Garden Rivera
  • 美東邨 Mei Tung Estate
  • Preserve the Earth
  • 1997 air plane in kowloon town
  • Nina Tower
  • New Town Plaza
  • 香港-如心海景酒店
  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum ;  香港文化博物館
  • Jat Ming Chuen ; 乙明邨
  • Village next to Lung Wah Hotel
  • Life Terminal ; 寶福山
  • Wong Tai Sin Temple#3
  • Chung On Street View﹔ 眾安街
  • Shatin Train Station
  • Hong Kong Night
  • Look  at the picture left, therefore you have to utilise every kind of space
  • Clague Garden Estate
  • 龍翔道天馬苑附近 Lung Cheung Road, near Tin Ma Court
  • Bottle Tree
  • Tsuen Wan Riveria Park
  • Shatin Public Library
  • Sha Tsui Road view towards Tai Wo Hau side
  • Nina Tower
  • Tai Wai Train Station
  • 天馬苑商場天台花園 Roof Garden at Tin Ma Shopping Centre
  • Ham Tin Street
  • Tsuen Wan Waterfront