Xrec Corporation


The Xrec team has over fifty years of experience working together with many Fortune 500 companies, providing specialized services including but not limited to; rigging, demolition, dismantlement, excavation, plant relocation and decommissioning, investment/asset recovery, scrap recycling, environmental services, asbestos, lead and mold abatement and hazardous waste management. The nature of the company's activities places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability, reliability, quality and safety. Xrec is an environmentally conscious organization with a goal of meeting and exceeding your project or service needs. The company's intention is to remain at the forefront of the industry and to lead the way in new and tried methods of demolition.

Whatever the undertaking, Xrec Corporation will endeavor to take a proactive role in engineering value for all of our clients.

Xrec offers the complete turnkey solution for projects of all sizes.

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