Worldtech is a provider of engineering and system solutions for the marine and offshore sectors. We focus on developing efficient, reliable and cost-effective communication and navigation systems for our customers.
We have nearly 20 years’ experience of providing communication and navigation systems to the offshore and marine industries. Our services range from system engineering through to turnkey system deliveries.
As we are manufacturer-independent, we can utilise system components that are best suited for the intended purpose. Each system undergoes extensive factory testing before shipping to ensure quick and easy implementation on the platform or vessel.
Positioning systems for FPSOs
Worldtech provides turnkey positioning sensor / system packages for FPSOs. We are instrumental in planning and engineering of the system and will coordinate with the class, tanker company and authorities on our customer’s behalf.
Worldtech’s positioning systems play a critical role in assuring offloading success. We make sure your system is engineered to provide high reliability and easy serviceability.
Vessel safety and evacuation systems
Worldtech provides a range of safety and evacuation systems such as fire and gas detection systems, public address systems and general alarm systems. We can also provide a closed-circuit TV system (CCTV) to ensure precise information regarding hazards to allow quick and correct response during an emergency.
All of our safety-critical systems include required class and authority approvals and verification. We can provide all the relevant documentation to allow class design approvals or can interface with class and authorities on your behalf.
Internal and external communication systems
Worldtech provides various internal communication systems, including telephone systems, UHF radio systems and other voice communication systems. We can specifically design a system for you to assure adequate coverage communication of your platform or vessel in a cost-efficient manner. Our systems are designed with reliability and service in mind.
Worldtech provides external communication systems such as VSAT, radio links, backhaul Wi-Fi and marine radio systems. We can also provide mandatory radio or GMDSS systems for your vessel or platform in coordination with flag state and Inmarsat air-time providers.
Crew entertainment systems
Worldtech provides crew entertainment systems based upon traditional TVRO headends, which include stabilised antenna for satellite tracking, free-to-air receivers, subscription-based receivers and distribution modulators and amplifiers as required.
We can also provide IP-based streaming solutions both for server-based distribution and off the internet reception. Feeds can be distributed as an IP-based network or as a traditional modulated RF distribution. We can also provide complete on-board network solutions for crew entertainment or office networking.
Custom marine communication and navigation systems
Worldtech's custom marine communication and navigation systems for the marine and offshore industries are numerous and diverse, but all have one common factor – you, our customer. We are dedicated to providing you with exactly the system you require, be it a single UHF radio or a platform-wide PAGA system.
All our systems are engineered and built to provide reliable and efficient service, quick installation and ease of use.

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