Wood Group Integrity Management


Wood Group Integrity Management (WGIM) is an international engineering and asset management consultancy services provider, serving the offshore and oil and gas industries in countries across the globe. As part of the market-leading Wood Group, WGIM enjoys a worldwide reputation for delivering innovative, quality and custom solutions. WGIM provides highly-skilled project and construction management personnel, who combine their detailed technical knowledge with years of experience working in the power and energy industries to independently advise on any number of challenges safely and efficiently. Integrated asset lifecycle management solutions Wood Group Integrity Management offers services covering four main areas of asset lifecycle management, from start to finish: Software technology and enablers Materials engineering and services Inspection engineering and management Verification and surveillance services Asset integrity management software technology As experts in asset lifecycle management, WGIM invests a huge amount of time and money into developing the best, most cost-effective and most advanced asset management software through its Technology for Business (T4B) programme, in order to best serve its customers across the globe. This has resulted in the development of the Nexus Integrity Centre (Nexus-IC), an advanced software suite that integrates information from components across the whole facility with leading CMMS systems, which reduces data duplication, optimises scheduling and allows instant access to information, which eases compliance with auditing. Nexus-IC's electronically stores and organises reports, documents, photos, drawings and IDs, allowing users to easily maintain, link and reference asset information. The data can be easily updated / inherited from other assets using Microsoft Excel, and can undergo live calculations using other field data such as MAOP, wall thickness, hazard levels and corrosion rates. The Nexus-IC also includes a function builder tool. This allows the user to create any number of functions and reference them in the asset information field. Another useful aspect of the Nexus-IC is its anomaly tracking function. This tool allows the user to investigate and close out anomalies, as well as assign them to departments, contractors or individuals. Anomaly assessment takes the form of a traffic-light system, where the anomaly can be placed in a risk hierarchy with other data. Data reports can be generated and exported to HTML or Word. Materials, equipment and services for optimum asset lifecycle WGIM plans projects with everything from corrosion management to fabrication processes in mind; and as such selects materials with great care in regards to lifecycle, engineering and cost. As an international market-leading company, Wood Group Integrity Management has a large network of contacts for purchasing equipment, materials and services, and can therefore suggest alternatives to keep the project on schedule should your vendors let you down. Inspection engineering and management Wood Group Integrity Management carries out inspections, testing and assessments to make sure that all aspects of the design meet the highest quality standards. These assessments include: Consequence analysis Risk-based assessments, inspections (RBI) and maintenance IMMR planning and implementation Pipeline repair planning and implementation Regulator documentation development and submission Remaining life and fitness-for-service assessments Corrosion monitoring and asset integrity audits Coating, insulation and cathodic protection audits Life extension inspections Change of service assessments Non-destructive inspection technology In-line cleaning and inspection Verification and surveillance services WGIM carries out independent and impartial asset verification and surveillance, as well as offering a comprehensive and robust certification services. We physically determine if your organisation's products, services and systems meet a set of established best-practice integrity requirements - the most relevant standards for a given product, service or system and its lifecycle application.

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