Wood Group Gas Turbine Services


Wood Group Gas Turbine Services (GTS) offers a range of managed solutions and integrated services for rotating equipment applications in the oil and gas upstream, midstream and downstream worldwide markets. Our portfolio includes gas compression, power generation, gas processing and pipeline transmission. We focus on delivering improved availability, reliability and performance of all rotating equipment installed on your assets, both onshore and offshore. These include gas turbines, electric motors, pumps, compressors or generators, or associated ancillaries. Rotating equipment management GTS is centered on delivering managed solutions designed to increase the productivity of oil and gas customers by optimizing equipment availability and consequently recovering lost oil opportunities (lost profit opportunities). We achieve this by working closely with the customer to establish a performance baseline for their facility. This information is then used in developing a schedule of improvement programs to optimize plant availability, efficiency, and output. Pump and compressor engineering and maintenance GTS provides specialist engineering and maintenance solutions for its customers' pump and gas compression fleets. Continuous availability and high operating performance of pumps and compressors is a key target for GTS. Through our highly experienced personnel and application knowledge, we provide a full range of innovative service solutions to our customers to keep their pumps and compressors running, including spare parts, field services, repair services, retrofits, maintenance, and operations agreements. Services for light industrial, aero-derivative and heavy industrial gas turbines From dedicated facilities around the world, GTS offers comprehensive service solutions to operators of Siemens and Solar light industrial gas turbines; General Electric, Alstom, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Fiat heavy industrial gas turbines. Through our joint ventures, Rolls Wood Group, TransCanada Turbines and Wood Group Pratt & Whitney, we support Rolls-Royce, General Electric and Pratt & Whitney industrial aero-derivative gas turbines. Our services include engine overhaul and testing; field service; control solutions; accessory, component and fuel system repair; supply of new, refurbished and advanced parts manufacture (APM®) parts; package refurbishment; engine exchange; rotor repair; technical support; operations and maintenance; and the provision of packaged maintenance solutions. Steam turbine services GTS supports steam turbines from 50MW to 1,000MW. Our field service personnel provide major overhaul, inspection, outage, maintenance, relocation and installation services. Turbomachinery controls services GTS delivers a range of product and service solutions for the control of rotating equipment. We have experience in a number of turbine and driven equipment control platforms in various applications. In addition, we offer on-site and remote monitoring and diagnostics services to ensure your facility is operating at its peak condition. For all of these items, we can provide you with the parts / components, the applicable sub-systems, field service and technical support. Turbomachinery field maintenance, repair and installation GTS provides complete maintenance, repair and installation services on a worldwide basis for all forms of turbomachinery, including gas turbines, steam turbines, reciprocating engines, generators, pumps and compressors in the oil and gas market. Our skilled, experienced and highly trained field service technicians are ready to assist you every step of the way to minimise downtime and disruption on your oil and gas installations. Contractual rotating equipment maintenance At GTS, we provide solutions to our customers that are built upon Wood Group's unique range of oil and gas, power generation and rotating equipment capabilities and expertise. We offer long term packaged maintenance services to meet operators’ needs for cost-effective, flexible solutions for their critical assets. Our integrated plant solutions can incorporate component repair, spare parts supply, onsite field service and technical support for any of the rotating equipment GTS services. Refurbished gas turbine packages Given today's long lead times for equipment, GTS can provide refurbished packages rebuilt to the same standard as received from the equipment manufacturers. We can also incorporate upgrades and modifications as desired to meet your operating needs. Our successful experience with modifications includes installations of PLCs, engine upgrades and compressor restaging. For compressor sets, mechanical drive and power generation packages, we include complete disassembly to the bare skid, plus removal of all components for overhaul, repair or replacement. After rebuild, all the systems are full-function tested in our test cell and performance of all systems is verified. You can rely on our global network of dedicated repair facilities, regional support offices and highly-skilled field service personnel to serve you wherever, whenever and however you need us. We are committed to bringing you innovative, world-class solutions that help you maximize the availability, reliability and profitability of your assets. Renewable energy services We offer integrated maintenance solutions for owners and operators of industrial wind farms. By integrating full scope engineering, construction, installation, operations and maintenance, and monitoring services, together with risk mitigation strategies, we bring the most comprehensive suite of services offered by an independent service provider to the wind power generation industry.

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