WEST Engineering


By overlaying the holistic systems consideration over WEST depth of expertise in deep water engineering, we are able to provide our clients unparalled service levels and insight into rig functional and technical areas. Our systems teams are equipped state of the art tools for network and systems diagnostics. All engagements are structured leveraging known standards and WEST ATP and ITP to insure consistency of deliverable, up to date information and customized content based on client request. The WEST systems team, leverages leading data solutions to provide onsite personnel with the most relevant manufacturer details, testing data, specifications, drawings etc to more efficiently support an engagement. Our experience as advocate for our clients with technology vendors, insures communication, coordination and delivery of systems as specified on time. Issues and risks are captured and tracked to resolution. Cable verification offers opportunity to mitigate exposure to failures resulting from poor cable termination, spec, slice etc. We help overcome an industry standard failure rate of over 5% on first link.

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