Welltec? is a world leading provider of intervention and conveyance solutions for oil and gas wells. We provide services on wireline and CT in vertical, horizontal and deviated wells.

Service range
Our services address challenges in onshore and offshore wells with certainty of execution. Areas of operations span the entire oil well life cycle. We work internationally to identify and rectify challenges in oil and gas wells in order
to increase recovery and further environmental safety.

Our clean technologies solve challenges across different well types, including those at the forefront of technology and in extreme operating conditions such as deep-water, subsea, extended reach, Arctic, high-yield, heavy oil and unconventional gas environments.

Services include logging, well optimization, stimulation, increasing oil recovery, downhole water management, flow control, selective perforating, removing obstructions, clearing debris, setting straddles, opening/closing valves, nipple profile milling, sand bailing and much more.

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