WellEz Information Management, LLC


World's Leading Drilling Report Service

WellEz is an ASP (Application Service Provider). We provide a reporting service where all software costs and management are our responsibility.

1. WellEz provide simple FORM based data entry. No training or high specification PC is required to use the system. The only requirement is a basic PC and phone line.

2. The rig side application allows users to enter data into simple forms which are activated using a standard, free, Microsoft Internet browser. Data can even be entered when they are not connected to the Internet!

3. Once the rig submits the new days report, access is immediately available to client, partners, etc through simply logging on to the Internet anywhere in the world.

4. No software licenses are required, the upside is no capital tied up in software, no maintenance costs, no out of date buggy software. With WellEz you are always running the latest version managed by our professionals. The user gets on with his daily routine without other issues to hinder him. WellEz is provided on a low pay for use basis. Extremely cost effective, if there is no drilling activity then there is no cost overhead.

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