WeldEye® is a software application covering welding documentation and quality requirements. It handles welding procedures, welding certificates, non-destructive testing (NDT) and process control of your production. WeldEye will fit any size and type of organisation with requirements from international welding standards like ISO, ASME and AWS.
Welding procedures, certificates, NDT and process control software
WeldEye is a complete software application covering all welding documentation and quality requirements for welding procedures, welding certificates, NDT and process control of your production.
Our experience demonstrates that implementing WeldEye can reduce documentation cost alone by up to 70%. WeldEye is designed for ease-of-use and tomorrow's communication needs and infrastructure. Its intuitive, pleasant and effective work environment helps to meet complex demands.
With WeldEye you control and manage what information can be inserted, extracted, signed and revoked. The system is module-based and enables management of documentation and reporting in the project. This provides optimal control and use of resources.
WeldEye links functions and documents, enabling full traceability for all welding activities before, during and after welding. WeldEye can be deployed on standard IT platforms and accessed from any PC (with a browser such as Internet Explorer) and different devices (PDAs, mobile phones, etc).
Welding quality, monitoring and reporting system
The WeldEye quality system can identify all welds in any structure, when a weld was performed, by whom and with which WPS, the material ID, etc. It can issue NDT requisitions as well as registrations of NDT results with reports. Reports such as weld summary lists, remaining welds, NDT extent and defect rate can be generated.
The application provides full traceability of all welds and all activities on these welds during the whole production process.
WeldEye quality system benefits include:

Control and traceability in the whole production process
Better-quality and faster, more accurate, as-built documentation
Quicker decisions based on correct information
Time savings due to improved resource management
Easy access through the Internet
Real-time status on executed and outstanding production
Complete project status for higher management
Fulfilment of customer requirements
Updated requirements from international standards
New and innovative IT technology
Re-use existing information
Easy re-certification tool
Effective compilation and recycling of welding procedures

Final as-built documentation can be printed as a complete package containing weld summary lists, all NDT reports, all WPSs and welding certificates together with weld repair reports.
Welding staff certificate and qualification database
WeldEye includes a database for personnel certificates and qualifications which supports most international standards. The system automatically calculates range of approval for certificates and has extensive search capabilities, with options to print single certificates or several certificates (batch print). Certificate surveys are also covered. WeldEye can find weld references for updating of welders' certificates, which will greatly improve your control.
A prolongation (renewal) tool will help you find welder certificates that expire in a given time period along with production welds that can be used as references for updating these certificates. The system will automatically find certificates that needs six-month or two-year updates.
WeldEye contains pop-up menus to speed up data entry for values such as welding processes, welding positions, joint types, filler materials, material groups, etc.
WeldEye personnel and qualification database benefits include:

Complete control of all welder certificates and qualifications
Renewal status of all your certificates in your organisation
Time and cost savings due to administration improvements
Avoid expired certificates and non-qualified welders

WeldEye PQ is specially designed to meet strict database requirements from any third-party certifying body. Typical customers are organisations like Teknologisk Institutt Sertifisering in Norway and ÅF-Kontroll in Sweden, which are already using WeldEye PQ as their main database for personnel qualifications.

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