The management team of Wamblee Inc. is having amicable international experience in developing projects from around the world. Through partnerships, associates and relationships Wamblee Inc. can assemble a team from conceptual engineering to final project erection and start-up.

Wamblee Inc. also has access to financing from multiple sources, including:

? Export Credit Agencies
? Other governmental sources
? Traditional banking sources
? Non-banking sources
? Private funds

Procurement and Outsourcing Services
Wamblee Inc. procurement services include:
? RFQ management
? Preparation of purchase orders
? Vendor lists
? Calling of tenders
? Award of orders for equipment/materials
? Expediting
? Shop inspection
? Packaging
? Transport logistics
? Insurance
? Verification of invoices
? Interface with freight forwarders and custom brokers
? Open Account/Service

Our Equipment supply includes:

? Steel structures
? Piping, Tubing & Casing
? Special alloy plates for LPG storage tanks

? Refractory Blocks & Pre-Cast Burner Tiles
? Oil, Gas & Pilot Tips
? Burner Assemblies
? Well head equipments & Production Tools
? Fishing & Repair Tools
? Drilling Instruments
? Derricks & Accessories
? Blowout Preventers (BOP) Spare Parts for Burners, Heaters & Flares

? Hoses, Hose Connections
? Valves, Fitting & Flanges
? Casing End Seals & Insulating Ring

? Turbo Engines (Generators) , Accessories & Spare Parts

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