Vector Lifting


Vector Lifting designs and manufactures slewing jib cranes, mobile gantry cranes, winches and wire rope hoists. With over 20 years of experience in developing new technology and products, Vector Lifting has the capability to offer special crane and material handling products tailored to suit project specifications. Vector Lifting’s familiarity and ongoing involvement in the natural gas industry has resulted in a range of speciality crane and hoist products with explosion protection to ATEX, or client specified standard, suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. Slewing jib cranes A range of crane models is available to suit varied capacity and material handling requirements. From small, workshop wall-mounted cranes to large slewing column-mounted cranes, Vector Lifting’s designs focus on simple and efficient operation, minimum maintenance requirements and maximum operator safety. The jib crane range has a capacity of 50kg to 10,000kg (higher capacity is available on special order), crane reach from 1m to 20m, and slew of 180° to 360°. Options available: Motorised and manual hoists Motorised or manual slew drive Column or wall mount Slew limits Slew jib lock Explosion-proof for use in hazardous Zone 1 and 2 Complete manufacturer support and spare parts Wire-rope drum hoists for cranes and monorails Vector Lifting produces a range of wire-rope drum hoists for use on cranes or monorail structures. Both fixed and travelling hoists are available in either single or double-drum arrangements, with double-drum models offering complete redundancy of one drum with the ability to hoist the rated capacity from a single drum. All Vector Lifting hoists are available as explosion-proof units for operation in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. Where required hoist designs incorporate rope attachment points for existing site ropes; hoists used to service LNG storage tanks are equipped with rope anchor points for attachment of installed LNG pump ropes. Hoists are supplied with auxiliary ropes for general-purpose lifting. Hoist features: Single or double-drum arrangements 1,000kg to 10,000kg capacity range Robust, reliable design and weather protection for extreme environments Low maintenance design Minimal recommended spare parts Explosion-proof for use in hazardous Zone 1 and 2 (if required) Complete manufacturer support and spare parts Wire-rope drum winches Wire-rope drum winches are offered with capacities up to 25t single line pull, with single or multiple-layer rope winding. Control systems are custom designed to suit required functions and application. Vector Lifting winches are used in a variety of applications including pump handling, conveyor dynamic tensioning and counter weighing. Cranes and hoists with explosion protection Vector Lifting specialises in supplying cranes, hoists and winches for use in hazardous areas; our products are used by numerous clients in a wide range of applications. All products are offered with complete ATEX compliance, or to client-specified standard, suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 operation.

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