Vahterus, located in south-west Finland, are the inventors and world leaders in plate and shell heat exchanger (PSHE) technology. Founded in 1990, Vahterus has experienced very strong growth over the years, particularly within the oil and gas sector. The PSHE is an ideal solution for upstream processes, such as oil and gas production, handling and transportation; and downstream processes, such as refineries and petrochemical plants.
Plate and shell heat exchangers (PSHE)
The plate and shell heat exchanger (PSHE) is the first of a new generation of heat exchangers developed by Vahterus. At the heart of the PSHE is a fully welded pack of circular plates which is housed within an outer pressure vessel. The PSHE combines the best features of PHE and shell and tube exchangers, offering a durable, compact and gasket-free solution with high heat transfer, high pressure and high temperature capability.
The PSHE is a fully welded, high-integrity plate heat exchanger with no gaskets. It is a generic alternative to the shell and tube heat exchanger, and has approximately 25% of its footprint, displaying both space and weight benefits. Its advantages include:

No gaskets or brazing
High integrity / total containment
Strong and safe construction
Unique protection and resistance to thermal and pressure cycling
Thermally efficient
Compact and low weight
Flexible construction
Proven, reliable technology
Low fouling
Minimal maintenance requirement
Close approach temperatures

To further extend Vahterus' capabilities within the oil and gas sector, Vahterus PSHEs' pressure range has been increased, with design pressures up to 200bar(g).
Plate and shell heat exchanger openable version
The plate and shell openable version offers increased flexibility of use by allowing the fully welded plate pack to be completely withdrawn from the shell for inspection or cleaning. This is achieved by the use of a flanged and bolted shell construction. The cassette-type plate pack allows quick and easy removal and refitting, thus ensuring that process downtime is kept to a minimum.
Oil and gas production heat exchangers

Crude oil coolers and heaters
Gas coolers and heaters
Amine coolers
Heat exchangers for dehydration packages
Refrigeration applications

Oil and gas handling and transportation heat exchangers

Oil heaters and coolers
LPG coolers and heaters
LPG condensers
Heat exchangers for gas treatment facilities in gas terminals

Refinery heat exchangers

Cascade evaporators

Petrochemical plant heat exchangers


PSHE are available with heat transfer surface area in excess of 2,000m² per exchanger. It is possible to utilise PSHE with design pressures of up to 200bar; and design temperatures ranging from -200°C to 900°C.

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