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Unilift have the ability to supply drilline, sandlines, mooring ropes, crane ropes etc and any other wire rope products throughout the world at competitive prices with an excellent honest service.

I would like to introduce our company in regards to any opportunity to supply/quote and Lifting, Rigging gear which you may need to source in future.

We have currently introduced an UNILIFT OFFSHORE SERVICES, specializing in supply to marine and offshore projects. We can supply the following quality products at very competitive prices sourced from national recognized brands.

Unilift likes to generate a close business relationship with our customers and be available to our customers 24/7. As we are a medium size family business we are able to concentrate on larger companies like yourself and follow the project throughout the entire period of operation.

? Wire Ropes, crane, winch, slings-heavy lift grommets etc
? Mooring Ropes- Fibre and Wire Rope
? Anchor Chain
? Anchor Handling Gear
? Winches
? Lifting Slings
? Shackles
? On-Site Professional Lifting & Rigging gear inspection surveys. Includes fully electronic tracking system for all products. Accessible 24/7
? Manufacture Wire Spooling Machines
? Manufacture Lift Beams and Rated Lifting attachments to customer requirements
? Hoisting
? Chain blocks and Lever Blocks
? Crane Blocks & Hooks
? Snatch Blocks & Rigging blocks
? Swivels
? Load Cells
? Rigging Screws
? Eye nuts and bolts
? Dyneema Rope
? Lashing Gear
? Technical Info on Heavy lifts
? On-Site socketing
? Gear Testing -on site
? Smit Brackets
? Fairleads
? Deck Blocks
? Bollards
? Sheaves
? Stainless Steel Rigging

We look forward to being an assistance to you.

Ben Scott
Wire Rope & Off-Shore Division

9 Astill Drive, Narrambla Business Park
Orange, NSW 2800

T: 61 (0) 2 6360 3311
F: 61 (0) 2 6361 9903
M: 61 (0) 438 611 834

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