Underwater Video Systems


Underwater Video Systems (UVS) has been a supplier of quality subsea equipment and services to the oceanographic, hydrographic, defence, oil and gas and onshore water industries since 1973. If your company is involved in providing solutions to the challenges of the underwater environment, we are the people to help you.
UVS are now a certified ISO9001 company and are registered with International Standards Certification registration number QAC/R61/0186. UVS exclusively represent the world’s leading manufacturers in their respective underwater fields in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.
Underwater video systems and accessories
UVS can specify, design, supply and commission a camera system for every underwater application, including shallow water, self-contained systems, diver held systems, ROV mounted, and drill support / wellhead TV systems. We can tailor a system to precisely suit your requirement.
Underwater lights
UVS can also supply a full range of underwater lights for every application, with AC or DC supply and with power outputs up to 1,000W. All of our standard products are vigorously designed to perform in the harsh marine environment. Also available is a range of compensated batteries for powering subsea instruments and camera systems where a power cable is impractical.
Video overlay units
For a complete recording of an underwater inspection, UVS offers a sophisticated video overlay unit. This unit can simultaneously overlay text, graphics and data from external devices such as survey data, CP, gyro compass and GPS.
Video transmission equipment
Where there is a requirement to transmit a video signal up to 20km such as from a vessel to an oil platform, the CDL MiniVision is the most flexible system currently on the market. The MiniVision has a built-in LCD monitor to avoid the need for an external monitor, is PAL / NTSC compatible, and operates on AC or DC.
Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
UVS is the world leader in electric powered ROVs. Models are available for operating in depths of 300m to 1,500m. All ROVs use brushless DC motors to provide exceptional power, allowing bigger payloads and additional packages to be integrated into the ROV. Additional sensors can be interfaced such as extra cameras, CP probes, sonar systems, acoustic tracking systems, manipulators, survey and inspection / NDT suites.
Large work class ROVs
Our large work class ROVs are 100hp-200hp vehicles and are fitted with sophisticated dual manipulators capable of carrying heavy loads underwater. ROVs with a 3t through frame lift capability are also available and can carry payloads in excess of 250kg. Optional tether management systems, launch and recovery systems, and control cabins can also be provided.
ROV spares and accessories
UVS can supply the full range of ROV spares and accessories, including the main building blocks of an ROV. Items available include the industry leading Curvetech thruster motors, a low rev, high torque hydraulic thruster for OEM applications and upgrades for existing ROV thruster systems. Also available are Curvetech power packs, along with Curvetech valve packs.
Additional ROV accessories supplied by UVS include ROV flotation modules, cable cutters and manipulators, an ROV odometer and a high speed data multiplexer.
Solenoid valve packs, pan and tilt units, and hydraulic pressure compensators
In addition, UVS can supply solenoid valve packs to control manipulators, pan and tilt units and rotary and linear actuators, a range of hydraulic pan and tilt units and a full range of hydraulic pressure compensators.
Fiber optic umbilicals and cable assemblies
Where a fiber optic umbilical is used, the Focal Technologies Model 903 video and data multiplexer provides digital fiber optic transmission of up to 12 video channels and up to 64 bi-directional data channels with one single-mode or multi-mode fiber. The system comprises a subsea module and a surface module with all the necessary power supplies to allow transmission over cables up to 10k long.
UVS also provide ROV umbilicals and a complete range of power and signal subsea electrical connectors and cable assemblies for ROVs.
Custom engineering and manufacture of subsea equipment
UVS can provide a solution to all your underwater needs by sourcing the best equipment for the application. If the required equipment is not available, UVS can manufacture the equipment to the client’s specification. Successfully completed projects include specialised underwater housings for cameras, instruments and sensors, special tooling for NDT sensors, telemetry systems for control of various functions underwater, special camera systems, integrating sensors to user supplied
equipment and software for underwater applications.

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