Tube Tech International Ltd


Inventive Cleaning Service Contractors
Onshore, Offshore, Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Critical Path or Emergency Projects, the more difficult the project, the more we like it!

From the simplest to the most impossible global cleaning projects - Tube Tech International Ltd will "substantially" improve any cleaning and inspection challenges on your site. Whether de-scaling heat exchangers to certain inspection standards to unblocking lengthy process pipe lines, from decontaminating vessels laden with dangerous and hazardous waste to de-contaminating offshore platforms through to full site shutdowns and turnarounds.

With over 43 different technologies we will find a better way. If by chance a better method doesn't exist, we will create it! Our in house R+D department will build a fully tested, scale replica, using 3D and Cad facilities all recorded by video link, many times at our own cost. With a return on investment of between 4x to 40x you always get value for money!

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