TRAIVA manufactures health and safety signs and products for the offshore industry, in particular drilling platforms. We have worldwide experience with deliveries and positive responses from our clients.
TRAIVA was established in 1997 in the Czech Republic as a distributor of Signus, a US company that today supervises our production and ensures we provide high-quality products at competitive prices. We cooperate with other companies that produce similar products to ensure that we have a wide range of products to offer.
Health and safety signs and photo-luminescent safety labels
TRAIVA can offer you signs according to your order – from plastic or metal materials, pocket size to panels of 2m x 1m in any language, as well as a wide range of self-made safety products. In general, our health and safety signs and photo-luminescent safety labels are made with colours from UV filters that guarantee the long-term durability of colours. We also produce metal labels from ALUTEN, an aluminous material that ensures long-term durability at a very reasonable price.
We offer many products to our clients, including:

Photo-luminescent safety signs
Safety labels
Warning tapes
Anti-slip floor treatment
Emergency escape route plans
First-aid kits
Custom-made products

Photo-luminescent safety and emergency exit signs
You can clearly identify escape routes with TRAIVA’s photo-luminescent emergency exit signs, which conform to current UK and European legislation and the draft international standard (DIS) 3864.
We produce labels with specified luminous intensity. Our normal signs have 90mcd after 10min, glowing time is 900min (4.5 times more than standard) and the GlowStar Hi-Glow model has 350mcd after 10min, with a glowing time of 2,400min.
Signs are available in self-adhesive PVC film, rigid PVC plates and ALUTEN aluminium material. We can make your own photo-luminescent sign in sizes up to 600mm x 300mm, or can offer you special offers on our websites.
Offshore safety signs and labels
TRAIVA can produce offshore safety signs or labels according to your requirements with your own text in different materials and sizes up to A4, or we can offer you already-made products from our online shop. Signs are available in self-adhesive PVC film, rigid PVC and ALUTEN.
Warning tapes and anti-slip floor treatment
TRAIVA offers warning tapes for marking outside or inside obstructions. Plastic-hatched tapes and safety labels on the floor for marking get-away routes are made from polyethylene or printed-on PVC with quality adhesive glue that ensures long-term durability. Anti-slip products are used to keep floors or stairs safer and less dangerous.
Luminous tapes, emergency escape route plans and first-aid kits
For better orientation in the case of fire, TRAIVA offers self-adhesive luminous tapes or emergency escape route plans according to individual specifications. In addition, we provide various first-aid kits for different working areas and offices.
Custom-made health and safety signs and labels
TRAIVA uses a wide range of production methods such as vinyl printing and lettering, inkjet printing and UV printing for our custom-made health and safety products. We produce signs and labels on plastics and metals at any size of order in any language. If you need a special product and haven’t found it in our online catalogue, we will gladly make your sign or label according to your specifications.
We work as a team to offer good prices and high quality products for your satisfaction. We ensure that our products are modern, have long-term durability, and follow EU and US standards. Our company delivers worldwide and samples are available on request.
For more information, please visit TRAIVA’s website. We offer a dealer’s discount and/or the possibility of being an affiliate company.

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