Total Inspection Solutions


Total Inspection Solutions, based in Victoria, Australia, provides a broad range of services to the oil and gas, construction, civil and petrochemical industries, including rope access and non-destructive testing. We offer the following cost-effective solutions for projects across Australia:

Rope access services
Visual inspection and non‐destructive testing (NDT) services
Mechanical and electrical services
Grit blasting, painting and protective coating services
Access system design, installation and testing
High-rise building façade cleaning, maintenance and rectification
Leak detection and caulking
Concrete inspection and repair

Total Inspection Solutions’ personnel have all the relevant qualifications in rope access, NDT and trade certificates, with many years of experience in the construction, civil, petrochemical, oil and gas industries.
Rope access, non-destructive testing and inspection maintenance projects
Total Inspection Solutions’ technicians have successfully completed numerous projects for some high-profile clients. These include the Victorian Arts Centre Trust, Air Liquide Australia, Vic Roads, Zinifex (Hobart Smelter), Shell Refinery (Geelong) and Esso. The project specifications range from the provision of rope access personnel to NDT and video-recorded visual inspections, and mechanical maintenance.
Industrial rope access services
Total Inspection Solutions has experience in the rope access industry throughout Australia. This experience enables us to complete a wide range of varied services supported by industry standards and procedures.
Rope access is a cost and time-efficient method of accessing structures for inspection, maintenance, installation, repairs and surveying using advanced roping techniques over standard methods. This allows technicians to perform various tasks, including welding, fabrication, fabric maintenance and inspection such as NDT, which previously required scaffolding and disruption of others at ground level.
Skilled rope access personnel
Total Inspection Solutions uses the most skilled industrial rope access technicians who have acquired many years of experience on a wide range of projects. All tasks performed meet our clients' specifications whilst minimizing any disruptions to the work area. The efficient and professional attitude towards all facets of the task makes Total Inspection Solutions’ technicians flexible and friendly to work with.
We aim to complete all requests to the highest of standards without disrupting our incident-free safety record, which comes from strict adherence to a range of safety guidelines.
All technicians undertake annual evaluations ensuring skills are fully competent and each member knows a range of techniques and rescue abilities. Total Inspection employees are safety minded with intensive experience in hazardous work sites, such as petrochemical environments. Employees are also trained in confined spaces, working at heights and within
various workplace safety measures.
Inspection maintenance for buildings, signage and electrical installations / repairs
Total Inspection Solutions provides rope access / inspection maintenance services for a range of building maintenance applications, including sealant/waterproof membrane application, concrete repairs, external inspections, lightning protection installation, vegetation removal, surface preparation and painting, cleaning, bird deterrent systems and general repairs.
In addition, we offer rope access / inspection maintenance for the installation, removal and maintenance of signage, as well as the replacement of bulbs and conduit and electrical wire installations.
Access safety systems and consultancy
Total Inspection Solutions provides the installation, inspection and maintenance of static line access systems, rope access safety supervision and onsite safety consultancy for your specialist personnel.
Non-destructive testing inspection services
NDT inspection work is growing in interest as it is proven to be safe, cheaper than alternative methods and requires less man hours to complete a job as other aids do not need to be setup. Our experienced rope access NDT technicians have AINDT certification.
Radiography, dye penetrant, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, eddy current and visual inspections
Total Inspection Solutions provides NDT inspection services for the following:

Radiography: gammer and x-rays are used to inspect pipes or welds for discontinuities; flash radiography can also be proformed of ropes to inspect for corrosion under insulation
Dye penetrant: dyes are used to find surface discontinuities in materials; excess penetrant ‘bleeds out’ from a material to show discontinuities
Ultrasonic: an efficient and quick inspection method for determining subsurface indications; ultrasound uses high-frequency waves to detect discontinuities in materials
Magnetic particle: inspection is used for locating surface and near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials; this method is quick and reliable
Eddy current: inspection uses electrical currents to induce a magnetic field in conductive materials; a discontinuity causes a distortion in the field
Visual: inspection is a quick method of inspection for finding discontinuities in components; verification of indications may require one of the methods described above

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