TJT Survey


TJT Survey is a Taiwan base company. The company main focus are 3D laser scanning and 3D modeling for the Oil and Gas industry.

3D laser scanning is the prominent vehicle for harvesting 3D data with high fidelity and low processing time in its own environment. 3D enables us to place our clients in the virtual reality of planned projects or improvements, giving you the ability to analyze assembly, fit and finish, design issues, and most importantly, variation factors, saving you a substantial amount of time and costs. Our clients are able to tackle key issues at the developmental stage, without interrupting operations or risking unreliable equipment adjustments.
Our end goal is to empower our clients to identify future obstacles and resource conflicts, avoid timing delays, quality setbacks, while reducing shutdown, managing costs, ensuring lower labor costs and saving crucial time and resources - ultimately increasing profit margins.

We believe that high intelligence 3D modeling will revolutionize many industries in the very near future; setting a new industry standard with a whole new level of accuracy, efficiency and safety. The oil and gas industry is especially in need of this service. We are privileged to assist you in assessing where your company is at and commit to identifying the best solution towards launching you into a brighter future.

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