Timberland Equipment has been designing and manufacturing custom-engineered winches and hoists since 1947. Timberland is the world leader in supplying equipment for FPSO spread mooring systems, FPSO turret mooring systems and FPSO riser pull-in systems. Our offshore product line includes: Hydraulic drum winches Hydraulic linear winches Traction winches Hydraulic chain jacks Chain stoppers Underwater fairleads Combination underwater fairlead chain stopper Deflection sheaves Hose reels Cable laying equipment Windlasses Air winches Electric and diesel hydraulic power units Control systems HYDRAULIC DRUM WINCHES Timberland has a worldwide reputation for supplying rugged and dependable hydraulic drum winches. Timberland's hydraulic winches are used for many offshore applications including mooring winches, messenger winches, riser pull-in winches, anchor winches, jack-up winches, riser pull-in winches and general pulling requirements. TRACTION WINCHES Timberland is the world's largest supplier of traction winches. Traction winches offer the advantages of constant linepull and constant linespeed. Traction winches are excellent for installing and replacing wire rope onto drum winches with proper tension. HEAVY DUTY CHAIN JACKS FOR OFFSHORE APPLICATIONS Chain jacks are used to pull in heavy loads with chain and have many offshore applications including FPSO / FPU mooring, SPAR mooring, TLP mooring and riser pull-in operations. Timberland has numerous chain jacks installed on offshore vessels in operation today, including one of the world's largest chain jacks with a nominal pull-in rating of 1,400Te. CHAIN STOPPERS Chain stoppers can be provided for deck mounting or hull mounting both above and below the water line. Chain stoppers are rated to withstand the breaking strength of the chain and can be supplied with load monitoring providing real-time and historical tensions in the mooring chain. COMBINATION UNDERWATER FAIRLEAD CHAIN STOPPERS Timberland's combination underwater fairlead chain stopper offers many advantages compared to conventional FPSO spread mooring. The chain stopper is outboard of the fairlead deflector wheel which eliminates mooring load from the deck foundations and it also eliminates chain wearing as the chain does not contact the fairlead wheel under load. The vertical chain leg is eliminated against the hull and out of plane bending of the chain is eliminated. HOSE REEL AND HAWSER SYSTEMS Timberland's hose reel and hawser systems are custom-designed to suit the hose diameter and length of each application. Units are typically supplied with electric hydraulic power units that can either be integral to the hose reel or supplied on a separate skid. CABLE LAYING EQUIPMENT Timberland has extensive experience in handling special cables for the marine, electric utility and telecom industries. Typical machines include linear cable engines, linear belt engines, bullwheel cable layers and drum engines. QUALITY AND FACTORY TESTING Timberland is ISO 9001 certified and employs a full time quality control department. All equipment is tested in-house, including a 1,400 Te test tower. Timberland has experience of working with all certifying authorities such as DNV, BV, ABS and Lloyds. ON-SITE SERVICE Timberland's factory service technicians travel the world assisting customers during commissioning and start-up operations. Timberland's worldwide support network ensures that we will have a representative on site to service our equipment when required. ABOUT TIMBERLAND Part of the Timberland Group, Timberland Equipment is located in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Timberland's unique advantage for the offshore market is that their sales, engineering, design, project management, quality control, manufacturing and factory test departments are all located under one roof, in their state-of-the-art facility, guaranteeing top quality equipment delivered on time.

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