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Since 1995, Thuthukani Marketing has been servicing the offshore market with an extensive range of products, including hoses, clamps, pipes, pipe fittings, lifting equipment, pumps, and more.
We specialise in the transfer of various fluids, dust and gas through different mediums. We also find solutions for unique problems that you experience in your operations and will make up special hose assemblies to suit. In addition, we import some of our products and distribute them directly into the local market.
Hoses for the offshore industry
We supply composite hoses, lay flat hoses, nylon hoses, PVC hoses, rubber hoses and silicone hoses. Our range includes:

Nylon black, braided, fuel hoses
PVC black, braided, air, material-handling hoses; hose menders
Chemical or chemical composite hoses
Rubber air hoses; hose menders
Hydraulic hose assemblies
Stainless-steel hose clamps, exhaust tubing, flexible chemical and duct hoses
Silicone air, rubber and vacuum hoses

Light, medium and heavy-duty clamps
We offer light-duty clamps, medium-duty clamps, heavy-duty clamps and double-bolt clamps.
Offshore pipes and pipe fittings
We provide the following pipes and pipe fittings:

Galvanised pipes and pipe fittings
Steel pipes and pipe fittings
LDPE pipes and pipe fittings
HDPE pipes and pipe fittings
PVC pipes and pipe fittings

Quick couplers for offshore applications
Our wide range of quick couplers includes air couplers, Bauer couplers, Camlock couplers, claw couplers, hydraulic couplers, Perrot couplers and Storz couplers.
Borehole, centrifugal, diesel and multi-stage pumps
Our product range comprises borehole, centrifugal, diesel, multi-stage, pressure, submersible and vane pumps. This includes:

Air-driven borehole pumps
Electrical and hydraulic submersible pumps
Horizontal and multi-stage centrifugal pumps
Vertical centrifugal pumps
Large-volume drainage pumps
Stainless-steel borehole and submersible pumps
Submersible borehole and centrifugal pumps
Submersible drainage and water pumps

Offshore valves
Our range of valves includes ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, non-return valves, knife valves and pinch valves. All of these are available in stainless-steel and carbon-steel.
Lifting equipment – hoists, blocks, trolleys and crawls
We supply Kawasaki electric chain hoists and chain blocks, as well as push trolleys and motorised crawls.
Firefighting equipment for the offshore industry
We supply a range of firefighting equipment, including hose reels, nozzles, fire hoses and fire hydrants.

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