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Established in 1962, Temati is an international supplier with headquarters in the Netherlands and several European offices as well as a network of international distributors. The company’s main markets include the LNG, shipbuilding, offshore and construction industries.
Temati supplies coatings, adhesives, sealants, fabrics, foils, foams and other ancillary materials for insulation protection. With experience in cryogenic, cold and hot insulation, Temati provides technical solutions for various applications. Customers range from engineers and site-owners to on-site contractors and quality managers.
Insulation protection coatings and sealants
Temati is the sole European licensee for Foster® coatings, sealants and adhesives, which provide both weather and vapour-barrier protection for all insulation-types and systems. In addition to Foster, Temati supplies Kestopur and Kiiltoflex, IMO-certified sealants and adhesives specifically designed for cold and cryogenic conditions.
Ancillary glassfibre-reinforced plastic, foils and tapes
With practical know-how, Temati is able to provide technical solutions specially suited for each application. Depending on the project requirements, different protective systems can be supplied, such as glassfibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) and foils or tapes.
VaporStop foil (aluminium / PET), also known as Mylar foil, acts as the secondary vapour barrier and Tembutil IF™ (aluminium / butyl) as the primary vapour barrier.
Sprayable two-component PU-foam
Temati is Europe’s main distributor for Handi-Foam® products. The company provides a range of two-component sprayable PU-foam systems, which are available in different types and sizes.
Easy to carry and use, the Handi-Foam systems are supplied in high, low and standard density, making them the perfect product for flexible use in all insulation and construction applications. The high-density version Handi-Foam system is also suitable for high-end LNG applications such as insulating valve boxes.
Leak and corrosion-detecting flangebelts and plugs
Durability and safe-working are becoming more important issues every day, as is preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI). Temati supplies a range of products to protect people, equipment and environment, such as the Protectem™ flangebelt and vessel inspection plug (VIP) for leak and corrosion detection.
Fabrics for insulation mattresses and fire and welding protection
Temati has a wide range of technical fabrics under the name Temtex™, which are used in the fabrication of insulation mattresses and fire and welding protection. The fabrics can be supplied with different coatings such as silicone, PU or PFTE, or specially treated to withstand high temperatures (HT). Most Temtex fabrics are IMO-certified.
LNG project references
Temati has cooperated in global LNG projects over the years and has built up a great track-record. Examples include Sines (Portugal), Botas (Turkey), Snohvit (Norway), South Hook (UK), Cadiz (Spain), Priolo (Portugal), Bintulu (Malaysia), Fos-sur-Mer (France), Sachalin (Russia), Qatar Gaz (Qatar), Leuna (Germany), Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Gasunie Maasvlakte (Netherlands).
Logistical and technical support
With a European network of offices and international distributors, Temati is able to supply materials and give technical support wherever needed. With practical experience built up since 1962 and an international support network, Temati can not only provide technical solutions in the engineering stage, but also on-site support during application.

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