Telecoms Support, Inc


Provides technical direction to engineering contractors on telecommunications and computing requirements and stewards? contractor's activities with respect to telecommunications engineering and design. Reviews, evaluates, and advises on telecommunications specifications and drawings.

Involved with the development and design of telecommunications systems. Conducts technical review of specifications, plans, drawings and procurement packages for new developments and upgrades to existing installations. Ensures compliance with design methods and safety factors to be used on project. Reviews completed FEED for correctness, compliance, and operability.

Responsible for the selection and specification of telecommunications equipment and components. Provides support for the procurement of telecommunications items including compliance with specifications.

Develops schedules, recommended deliverables, and labor estimate for telecommunications projects. Direct and monitor work activities of contractors and staff on all project activities. Measurement and reporting of project progress.

Develops maintenance plans to ensure regulatory compliance, where necessary, and ensure telecommunications equipment is meeting reliability requirements. Identifies critical spares to keep equipment functional and ensure availability of spares. Identifies test equipment required to complete maintenance.

Provide overall telecommunications technical leadership and expertise.

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