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Tekla’s model-based software products make customers’ core processes more effective in building and construction and infrastructure management. Tekla Corporation has area offices and partner organizations worldwide and customers in more than 90 countries.
Offshore structural modelling software
Tekla's technology creates new opportunities for the offshore construction industry. Tekla Structures, the most advanced building information modelling (BIM) software on the market, provides an accurate, dynamic, and data-rich 3D environment that can be shared by offshore contractors, structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, as well as concrete detailers and manufacturers.
The highly detailed structural models created in Tekla Structures enable the highest level of constructability and production control. Centralising model and non-model based data into the model allows for more collaborative and integrated project management and delivery. This translates into increased productivity, elimination of waste, and an enhanced value for structural modelling.
Offshore platform and jacket modelling software
Modelling with Tekla Structures is the most advanced and integrated way to detail and fabricate all steel structures, such as commercial buildings, industrial plants, sports stadiums, offshore platforms and jackets, including miscellaneous steel work.
Offshore structural design, modelling and information management tool
No other tool on the market supports information management throughout the structural modelling process. Tekla Structures is a model-based solution to increase productivity through higher automation of fabrication and project management by interfacing with MIS systems and CNC machinery, including tube profiling machines.
Tekla Structures also integrates to all offshore industry standard packages, such as PDS and PDMS, providing error-free design and detailing.
Offshore project management for platform / jacket fabrication
Tekla Structures software can handle large and complex projects and is an ideal solution for engineers, detailers and fabricators involved in offshore projects. The Tekla model can be worked on simultaneously by engineers, project managers and detailers, or any other party who wishes to view or control the model. It is the window to reliable project information during the fabrication process.
Quality-assured offshore engineering software
Tekla has a quality control system in place to ensure information such as engineering drawings are easily accessed and always up-to-date.
Tekla Structures takes care of the whole project: from initial concept studies, including 4D visualization, to the design of structures, safety systems and sustainability, all the way from commissioning and modifications to eventual decommissioning.
About Tekla Group
Tekla Group's net sales for 2008 were nearly €60 million and operating result approximately €14 million. International operations account for approximately 80% of net sales. Founded in 1966, Tekla is one of the longest operating software companies in Finland.

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