Teddington Engineered Solutions


The combined strengths of three formerly independent bellows manufacturers established since the 1920s, with experience in the design, application and manufacture of bellows expansion joints, ensures that we are world leaders in our field.

We offer the most comprehensive range of bellows and expansion joint solutions in the industry through the amalgamation of:
? Teddington Bellows
? Brockington & Scott
? Vokes GenFlex

Metallic Products
A full range of metallic bellows and expansion joints, as well as other associated pipework accessories, such as flexible hoses and rectangular expansion joints.

Non-Metallic Products
A full range of EPDM and Neoprene rubber bellows, fabric bellows, and PTFE bellows.

NDT Services
A range of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) services including dye penetrant, X-ray and ultrasonics at our purpose built factory or on-site.

Fabrication Services
Fabrication of any structure or vessel utilising a full range of materials, welding techniques and methods.

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