Taurant Projects Ltd. (India)


In recent scenario, opportunities are increasing in all areas of business. The construction companies are getting boost, particularly in pipeline jobs of because of progress and development in India in this field. Transportation of Oil, Gas and Water is being preferred through pipelines rather than conventional loading/unloading by road/rails tankers etc.
We at Taurant Projects Limited. Gears up to meet challenges by adapting advanced sophisticated Equipments and advanced managements Techniques in the execution of traditional as well as modern technology projects.
It seems to be great pleasure in presenting our Company Profile through this brochure.
This brochure is informative about our activities to our valued clients and our business associates.


 Cross country pipeline and associated facilities ducting of OFC laying,CP etc.
 External & Internal protection of pipe by different coatings as specified.
 Plant piping and mechanical works.
 Insulation of piping, valves, Tankages etc.
 Civil & Structural work associated with piping terminals, stations & pipeline.
 Erection of equipments.
 Electrical & Instrumentation works.
 Environmental Projects
 Infrastructure Projects
 Laying of PE & GI piping for city gas distribution of industrial & residential consumers.
 Construction of MSW & Hazardous Waste Engineering Secured Landfill Sites.
 Design & Construction of Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plants.

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