Tasman Orient Line


Tasman Orient Line is the leading multipurpose liner operator linking New Zealand, Asia and the South Pacific. The company offers competitive frequencies and transit times, coupled with unparalleled direct port coverage across the region. Its modern fleet of self-geared, multipurpose vessels enable a versatile offering of logistics solutions to meet a wide range of cargo needs.
Tasman Orient Line operates a modern fleet of nine vessels throughout the Asia Pacific region. Each multipurpose ship has a capacity of over 20,000t, many with tween-decks throughout for efficient space utilisation and cargo separation.
The ships are equipped with their own cargo cranes so are not dependent on onshore equipment. In addition to power points for reefer containers, the ships feature breakbulk-friendly cargo holds. Tasman Orient Line provides:

Extensive direct and tranship port coverage
Ad-hoc calls on inducement
Heavy lift capabilities

South Pacific regional and niche cargo transportation
Tasman Orient is driven by a relentless focus on understanding and anticipating its customers’ needs. Its vessels call direct at many of the major cargo gateways in New Zealand and Asia, as well as the key regional and niche ports. No organisation offers a more comprehensive port-to-port coverage.
Tasman Orient can save on land transport costs and reduce the amount of handling required, which gives the assurance that goods will arrive safely and on schedule. The reduced lead times involved also allows customers to react faster to their clients' orders or new opportunities.
New Zealand, Asia and South Pacific cargo vessel services
Tasman Orient operates three separate cargo vessel services linking New Zealand, New Caledonia and Fiji with North Asia and South East Asia. In New Zealand, vessels call regularly at Auckland, Marsden Point, Tauranga, Wellington, Lyttleton and Timaru. Vessels also call into New Plymouth and Bluff upon enducement.
Versatile cargo vessel fleet
Tasman Orient brings energy, urgency and professionalism to all its customers. As the premier mixed-mode liner operator in the New Zealand-Asia-South Pacific trade, the company is committed to adding value to your supply chain. It achieves this through its versatile fleet, responsive service and a thorough understanding of your markets and business goals.
With more direct port coverage and regular sailing frequencies, Tasman Orient will ensure your goods reach their markets in a timely and cost-effective manner. It is committed to delivering a flexible service while providing the best possible care for your cargo.
Multipurpose vessels for container and breakbulk cargoes
Tasman Orient’s multipurpose vessels are designed to carry a versatile mix of container and breakbulk cargoes. This allows customers to choose the most efficient shipping mode for their goods.
Tasman Orient regularly carries wood products, pulp and paper, steel commodities, construction materials, general cargo and project cargo of any size, including yachts and heavy machinery. Fragile or non-unitised cargoes such as packaged consumer items, perishable produce and chemicals can be accommodated in either general or refrigerated containers.
North Asia cargo vessel transportation
Tasman Orient offers comprehensive coverage of North Asia with 150 voyages per year servicing New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. It provides two services - three vessels operate on a 15-day frequency and six vessels operate on a weekly basis. These services accommodate dry and reefer containers, breakbulk and project cargo.
East South East Asia cargo vessel transportation
Tasman Orient provides comprehensive coverage of the East Asia, South East Asia, South Pacific and New Zealand regions. It offers three sailings per month from Asia to the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. A total of six multi-purpose vessels provide links between New Zealand, New Caledonia and Fiji with Hong Kong, southern China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Indian sub-continent and South Africa.

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