Target Logistics


We solve one of the most important problems facing large construction projects in remote parts of the world or where the local community lacks sufficient or available accommodations: the delivery of high quality, temporary housing and life support services at an affordable price.

We understand the challenge of providing your work force with comfortable accommodations and well prepared meals as well as all of the other services they demand such as housekeeping, recreation and laundry. We understand what it takes to recruit as well as retain your work force.

Whenever temporary housing, life support and labor solutions are needed anywhere in the world, Target Logistics meets the challenge by offering a wide range of hospitality and staffing options to fit within almost any budget and timeline. When our clients need housing, we utilize modular construction, convert school and warehouse buildings into dormitories, manage cruise ships, ferries and barges as floating hotels, build fully functioning temporary cities and provide every mode of transportation imaginable.

A full compliment of life support services is also available including catering, recreation, housekeeping, laundry, medical, classrooms, security and waste management. In combination with the other Target Companies, we have the unique ability to provide scheduled air tickets, air charter services, and many other services to augment Target Logistics' offerings. We always have a solution to every challenge, no matter how complex. Our clients include government agencies, corporations and major event organizers.

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