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Since establishment in 1992, Sverdrup Hanssen Spesialstaal has built one of the largest inventories in the world when it comes to round bars, sheets and plates in high-nickel content, corrosion and heat-resistant alloys. We aim to be your preferred supplier of duplex, super duplex, 6Mo, alloy 625 and 718.
Being situated in Stavanger, the hub of the Norwegian oil and gas industry, we have good logistical routes to anywhere on the globe. Sverdrup Hanssen has grown from a local supplier to a worldwide supplier. We now have customers in six of the seven continents of the world.
Stainless-steel alloy round-bars, sheets and plates
Sverdrup Hanssen Spesialstaal’s stock consists of a wide range of stainless-steel alloys. Our main export grades are duplex, duper duplex, 6Mo, alloy 625, alloy 718, and titanium grade 2 and 5. Our vast stock allows us to keep short lead times.
Alloy round-bars and plates
Sverdrup Hanssen Spesialstaal’s stock consists of round-bars and plates in the following materials:

Duplex UNS S31803, 1.4462 and F51
Super duplex UNS S32750, 1.4410, 2507, 2328 and F53
Super duplex UNS S32760, 1.4501 and F55
6% molybdenum UNS S31254, 254SMO, 1.4547, 2387 and F44

We stock round bars in the following materials:

Inconel / alloy 625, UNS N06625, 2.4856
Inconel / alloy 718, UNS N07718, 2.4668
165M, 1.4418, 2387
17/4 Ph, UNS S17400, 1.4542
AISI 420Cr, AISI 420M
13Cr, AISI 4130
AISI 4140

In addition, we have also started to stock in some selected sizes of round bars in the following materials:

Monel K500, 2.4375
Nitronic 50, XM-19, UNS S20910
Nitronic 60
Alloy 218, UNS S21800
Inconel / alloy 925, UNS N09925

Forged, centrifugal-cast and pressurized heat-cast products
Sverdrup Hanssen Spesialstaal offers forged, centrifugal-cast and pressurized heat-cast (HIP) products. Our vast network of suppliers and knowledge of the market enables us to source materials and products that are not part of our inventory.
Norsok-standard oil and gas products
Due to the rugged demands of the North Sea and the depths at which the exploration of oil and gas took place, the oil and gas industry was faced with many challenges in the pioneering days of the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Based on the experience and expertise gained since the start of the Norwegian oil and gas adventure, the Norsok standards were developed to ensure the quality of offshore oil and gas exploration. The standards reference internationally recognized values and implement requirements that enhance the quality of the material, making them suitable for the stringent environment and stresses experienced in the North Sea, and offshore exploration in general.
As we are situated in Norway, it is only natural that the Norwegian market is our biggest, which in turn means that our stock meets the Norsok standards, wherever it is acquired from.
Quality-assured round bars and plates
Quality assurance is an integral part of today’s industry. At Sverdrup Hanssen we work continuously to improve and better our quality systems in all respects, to make sure that we give the best service of our capability at all times. Our internal quality systems are fully certified to ISO 9001:2001, as are our producers. We are fully qualified members of the Achilles joint qualification system for suppliers to the oil industry in Norway and Denmark.
Sverdrup Hanssen Spesialstaal is committed to providing quality products and service to our customers. Although our stock is tailored to service the oil and gas industry, we have customers in all major industries, including petrochemical, ship building, power generation, automotive, aviation and aerospace, construction and general engineering.

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