Sub-Atlantic is the world leader in the design and manufacture of electric ROV systems and ROV system components that operate in the world's harshest environments. Our products are designed and built with the highest levels of technology, expertise and innovation. Sub-Atlantic is highly regarded for producing ROVs, tether management systems (TMSs), hydraulic power units (HPUs), thrusters, pan and tilts, oil compensators, and specialised tooling packages capable of withstanding uninterrupted use in the harsh offshore environment. We have achieved this valued position partly through a mixture of innovation, determination and hard work, but mostly through listening to our customers and translating their needs back into our products. Sub-Atlantic products are about reliability and simplicity, providing our customers with the means to minimise operational costs and maximise profit. Our new Mohican and Comanche are setting new standards in electric ROV performance. The 3,000V, 400Hz transmission system allows these vehicles to operate over very long but small-diameter cables. The Comanche has been supplied in a 6,000m / 20,000ft configuration. Our hydraulic thrusters' successful sales are testimony to their performance and reliability: they are supplied to the vast majority of work-class ROV builds around the world. Remotely operated vehicles ROVs All Sub-Atlantic remote operating vehicles are electrically driven, removing the complexity inherent in hydraulic ROVs. The extensive range of vehicles offered by Sub-Atlantic ensures that there is a vehicle that will be perfectly suited to the task at hand. Sub-Atlantic offer a range of five ROV systems from the small portable Navajo ROV through to the Comanche work-class system. subCAN™ command, control and communications (C3) system subCAN is a state-of-the-art, high speed communications and data network system providing command, control and real time diagnostic functions for Sub-Atlantic ROVs. The modular design and functionality of the system not only provides the latest communications capability and touch screen graphical user interface (GUI), but also allows for ongoing customer / manufacturer driven system evolution and further sensor integration. Tether management system TMS) While working in deep water it is essential that a tether management system (TMS) be integrated with the ROV system. The TMS design developed by Sub-Atlantic is renowned for reliability and simplicity, the two most important features for any extreme design technology. Utilising a single drive motor principle, the tether tension on the drum is maintained at all times, ensuring accurate spooling is achieved. The telescopic frame allows the TMS to be simply adjusted and accommodate a variety of ROVs and tool packages. AC, DC and hydraulic thrusters Sub-Atlantic has an extensive range of AC and DC thrusters as well as industry leading hydraulic thrusters. The hydraulic thrusters are standard fit on the leading trenching and burial systems worldwide, operating under the most extreme conditions where reliability is paramount. The Sub-Atlantic thrusters have been specifically designed to offer high levels of thrust and near-equal forward / reverse force. This balanced forward / reverse thrust provides vehicle operators with a more balanced and controllable vehicle. The DC thrusters have been specially designed to operate full of seawater, removing the potential environmental issues relating to equipment filled with oil. In addition, as the units are designed to run full of water there is no potential for failure due to flooding (a problem inherent in the majority of DC thrusters). Specialised tooling for underwater operations The underwater industry regularly has a need to undertake tasks that benefit from purpose-built equipment. Sub-Atlantic has a wealth of knowledge providing specialised tools for working underwater, designing and producing tools to carry out the most complicated of operations. Sub-Atlantic is owned by the Triton Group. Larger work-class ROVs can be provided through another Triton Group member, Perry Slingsby Systems.