STX US Marine


STX Canada Marine Inc. and STX US Marine Inc. are a consulting naval architecture and marine engineering company established in July 1983 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of STX Europe. STX Europe?s naval architecture & marine engineering company specializes in the development of advanced technology and its application to vessel designs for both commercial and military vessels. The wide range of successful ship designs offered are proven in the water to be industry leading solutions to the mission challenges faced by our customers. The companies are very familiar with regulatory requirements imposed on vessels constructed and registered worldwide, and has developed this knowledge through routine use on actual ship designs that have progressed into construction and certification. In addition to ship design, we have specialized teams of analysis engineers whose expertise in innovative, cutting edge technology in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), seakeeping, and maneuvering serves to provide practical, cost effective results for our client's marine designs.

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