Structure-flex manufactures a range of bulk packaging solutions and other unique flexible products for the oil industry. Bulk bags for drilling mud chemicals, load testing bags, transit packaging for drill cuttings, lifting slings, webbing slings, round slings, flexitanks for drilling muds, and water test bags for proof testing cranes are just some of the products Structure-flex supplies, in addition to booms and other oil spill equipment. Bulk bags for drilling mud chemicals Structure-flex's drillbags are superior bulk bags for the transportation of drilling mud chemicals. The drillbags' UV-resistant packaging has a longer life than PP bulk bags or FIBCs and the water-resistant bags can also provide contingency storage for drilling chemicals. The Structure-flex drillbags are highly regarded in the industry and are being supplied to every major oil operator in the Gulf of Mexico. Proofload bags – load testing bags Proofload bags are water-filled test weights for testing cranes. They are manufactured in sizes from 1t to 35t. Through our global strategic partnerships we can provide a worldwide testing service. Our partners include Proofload and Extreme East Rigging Services. Our water-filled testing equipment range also includes lifeboat test bags, enabling us to provide a complete test equipment range. Webbing slings and round slings Webbing slings can be manufactured with up to 24t safe workloads and in multiple widths to 1,200mm wide. Higher capacity and wider slings can be made as multiples of our standard range. Round slings can be manufactured up to proven breaking loads of 500t, with up to 30m circumference. Custom-designed slings and lifting nets can be made to individual client specifications and fitted with a variety of end terminations. Seamless round lifting slings We also specialise in the manufacture of seamless round lifting slings that can lift up to 100t and have circumferences up to 50m. Structure-flex lifting slings can be manufactured to suit any sling configuration and fitted with a variety of end fittings, which means they allow for a diverse range of bulk handling. Transit bags for drill cuttings Envirobags provide a flexible transit container for transportation and treatment drill cuttings. The Envirobag solution is a more cost-effective alternative to expensive steel cuttings boxes and they are often used to provide a contingency in the event of drill cuttings box shortage. The oil-resistant flexible bag also has a smaller footprint than traditional steel boxes and is more adaptable, which saves deck space. Flexible tanks for drilling fluid transportation Flexi-tanks are flexible tanks for all bulk liquid transportation applications. Flexi-tanks' flexible cube design means they can be used for the safe transportation of drilling fluids, the temporary storage of diesel products and even as bladder tanks for transporting and storing potable water.

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