With over 40 years' experience in load and force measurement, Strainstall is a world leader in the design and installation of monitoring and control systems for the offshore industry. With proven expertise in providing long-term solutions for the unpredictable and often severe challenges posed by offshore operations, Strainstall's systems work year after year in these changeable and often hazardous environments. Whatever the size of the application, from a few strain gauges to multi-channel dynamic data acquisition systems monitoring in real time, Strainstall can provide the right products and services, whenever and wherever they are needed. Monitoring and control of offshore cranes Designed for use as original equipment on new cranes, as well as retro-fit, Strainstall's safe load indicator systems are supplied as a standalone package or as a fully integrated crane monitoring system to the customer's specifications. The systems provide the operator with information for safe and efficient operation by monitoring the crane load and indicating overload via audible and visual alarms. They meet the requirements of governmental bodies, classification societies such as LRS, DNV and ABS, and comply with European Standard EN 13852 for offshore cranes. Monitoring and control of offshore winches Strainstall offers a range of systems for winch load monitoring that measure line tension, speed and line out, mode of operation, control parameters and facilitate emergency release. Configurations range from basic standalone local winch monitoring packages to comprehensive mooring load monitoring and control systems. Tendon tension and riser monitoring systems Strainstall's PLC and PC systems provide real-time data on mooring and riser tensions, and utilise strain gauge load cells installed on the tension porches in the tendon top connector assembly to measure tendon loads, and on the riser deck to measure riser tensions. Systems can be supplied for monitoring tendon tension only, riser tension only, or both together. Capable of monitoring over 200 channels simultaneously, their systems can provide a broad selection of analytical capabilities. Integrated monitoring and management systems (IMMS) Strainstall IMMS systems are designed to provide an integrated monitoring and control solution for offshore structures, both fixed and floating. Customised to the customer's individual requirements, the IMMS provides the operator with data and reporting from a number of parameters on the hull. The system features include tendon data that incorporates load and bending moments, reports on the height of the deck above the sea surface and wave condition, permanent and temporary ballast tank levels and reporting on a number of meteorological conditions, including wind speed direction, air temperature and pressure. FPSO anchor load monitoring Strainstall's anchor and hawser monitoring systems provide real-time data on mooring tensions for all types of production vessels, including turret and conventional spread mooring installations. These PC-based systems can monitor multiple channels simultaneously and provide a broad selection of archiving and analytical capabilities. Single point buoy mooring monitoring Strainstall's mooring systems protect the anchor system by ensuring that it is not overloaded and in danger of pulling the FPSO or buoy from its anchor. A typical system incorporates load measuring sensors fitted to the chain or mooring bridle to provide continuous real-time monitoring of loads. Load cells Strainstall designs and manufactures a range of premium quality load cells, load pins, load shackles and load links. The company specialises in supplying bespoke products for unique applications, including harsh environment and hazardous areas and have a hire, calibration and repair capability. Strainstall also supplies a range of associated instrumentation. Structural monitoring Strainstall supplies and installs sensors to monitor stress and strain in offshore structures, flare stacks, risers, pipelines, fixed and floating units, with real-time displays and offline data analysis from strain gauges, accelerometers, thermocouples, oceanographic and meteorological instruments.

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