Steffca is a reliable supplier of high-quality insulating and protective products for fire blankets, welding protection and thermal insulation, as well as gaskets and packings for flanges. These product categories are used by an extensive variety of industries — offshore as well as onshore — and Steffca can ensure supplies from stock (glass and silica fabrics) or tailor-made products (gaskets) are delivered at short notice.
Our products are widely used in the offshore, chemical process, food and biotech industries, as well as pump and valve production, power plants (including nuclear power plants), refineries and ship yards.
Glass / silica fabrics and gaskets for the offshore industry
Steffca’s wide range of high-temperature glass and silica fabrics are designed to withstand, insulate or protect against high temperatures. They are available in a number of versions and with different coatings such as vermiculite, PTFE, silicone, aluminium foil and weave-locked coating.
All our gaskets are available in a wide range of sheet materials with different properties; these materials include NBR, SBR, EPDM and graphite. Steffca holds a considerable stock of standard gaskets, but tailor-made gaskets (constructed according to client drawings) can also be produced and supplied with high precision.
High-temperature glass and silica fabrics
The basic material of Steffca’s high-temperature glass fabric consists of 6µm - 9µm e-glass fibre yarns. The products are inorganic, sterile, incombustible and completely asbestos-free, and available with weave-lock treatment, laminated with aluminium foil, silicone coating, vamac coating, PU coating, weld-pro coating, CSG coating, or vermiculite coating.
Some of the fabrics are steel-reinforced. The silica fabrics are available with vermiculite and T1000 coatings.
Glass and silica fabrics for offshore fire blankets and welding protection
Steffca’s high-temperature glass and silica fabrics are used for fire blankets and welding protection. The same type of fabric is applied for protective covering and preservation, and thermal insulation.
Fire and welding protection products withstand very high temperatures and provide excellent protection from spatter and sparks. Welding / fire protection is available in the form of rolls and made up of blankets / covers.
Gaskets for flanges
Steffca offers a comprehensive range of gaskets, including punched, CAM profile, and spiral-wound gaskets. The properties of the material are decisive for the right choice of gasket, and many years’ experience within this area enables us to deliver the very best solution for each individual purpose. With our machinery, which includes a CNC-flash cutter, we can produce simple gaskets and very complex gaskets without using any punching tools.
Our gaskets are available in several kinds of materials such as ordinary gasket sheets, silicone rubber, insulfrax paper, rubberised cork, needle felt with wire reinforcement, graphite sheets, silica paper, etc.
Glass and silica fabrics and gaskets for offshore projects
Steffca’s high-temperature glass and silica fabrics, and gaskets, have been used in the following offshore projects:

DUC platforms on the Danish fields in the North Sea
Al Shaheen in Qatar
Preservation of offshore goods for Norwegian fields in the North Sea

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