SPIR STAR Druckschläuche AG, headquartered in Rimbach-Mitlechtern, Germany, has become synonymous with thermoplastic ultra-high pressure hose solutions, "Made in Germany". With working pressures of up to 46,000 psi (3,200bar) and inner diameters ranging from .125in (3mm) up to 1in (25mm), SPIR STAR offers a broad variety of hoses to meet today's requirements for the waterblast, hydraulic and most importantly the oil and gas industry. Thanks to continuously improving product quality, as well as customer service, SPIR STAR has managed to spread its presence globally with corporate branches (located in the US, France, Singapore and China) and selected authorised distribution partners offering SPIR STAR's customer base highly responsive customer service, thorough technical assistance and competitive lead-times. Continuous R&D and improvement efforts have helped SPIR STAR gain a reputation of excellence, especially in the waterblast, hydraulic, oil and gas, and automotive industries.SPIR STAR is proud to offer "Outstanding Quality, Outstanding Service, Made in Germany" for more than 25 years.Ultra high-pressure hose assembliesSPIR STAR hoses are approved and chosen for projects from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico by leading oil servicing and producing companies for more than 20 years. Among the varying applications, SPIR STAR hoses are used for offshore bundles, methanol service on platforms, chemical injections at the well and hydraulic component control. SPIR STAR hoses offer the following advantages: High resistance to chemicals, detergents and solvents High-temperature compatibility up to 150°C (300°F) Outer cover resistant to hydrolysis and microbes Resistance to external pressures for deep-water applications Small bend radius at maximum volumes of flow Low volumetric expansion at maximum working pressure Low permeation rate Long lengths up to 15,000ft or 4,500m SPIR STAR's products have been approved for use by all major oil companies and set the standard in quality, service life and reliability. High-temperature hoses SPIR STAR is the only hose manufacturer offering inner liner and outer covers made of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), a material known for its low permeation rate and excellent heat- and chemical-resistance. The company offers two hose series with the designated material: HT®-Series and PPA®-Series. Both series are capable of working with the harshest of chemicals and can withstand external pressures of up to 600bar, resembling application depths of up to 6,000m (19,685ft). Long continuous lengths of up to 4,500 m (15,000ft) can be manufactured for subsea umbilicals depending on the hose type. HT thermoplastic hose series The HT-Series offers heat-resistance at high pressures, a unique combination for thermoplastic hoses. The development of the hose series has specifically been required to meet the ever-demanding high-pressure / high-temperature (HP/HT) requirements of the offshore industry. Both the inner core and the outer cover are made of PVDF, which sets the standard of resistance to heat and chemicals worldwide. Due to the unique combination of materials, these hose types are especially suitable for control and workover umbilicals at hot well operations. The permeation rate of PVDF is extremely low, compared with standard materials. Upon request, the hoses can be delivered in long continuous lengths for offshore umbilicals. HT thermoplastic hoses offer the following advantages: Inner core and outer cover made of heat-resistant PVDF Up to four layers of high-tensile steel wire Temperature resistant up to 150°C (300°F) The best permeation rate / extremely low permeation rate Suitable for most aggressive chemicals Working pressure of up to 1,035bar (15,000psi) Full safety factor of 4:1 (ISO 13628-5)  PPA hose series for methanol and chemical service The PPA-Series was especially developed for the offshore industry. This series combines the advantages of the chemical-resisting PVDF as inner core material and UV-resistant polyamide as the material of the outer cover. In contrast to the HT-Series, the outer cover of the PPA hoses is made of polyamide. This makes the PPA-Series especially suitable for applications requiring high chemical-resistance and a low permeation rate. All hoses are heat-resistant up to 80°C (176°F) and the hoses can be delivered in long continuous lengths for offshore WOCS and LV umbilicals upon request. PPA hoses offer the following advantages: Inner core made of heat-resistant PVDF Outer cover made of PA Up to six layers of high-tensile steel wire Very low permeation rate Working pressure of up to 1,035bar (15,000psi) Inner core suitable for most aggressive chemicals Available nominal bore sizes: .1875in to 1in High external pressure-resistance Full safety factor of 4:1  M®-Series methanol hoses The M-Series comprises hose types with an inner liner made of methanol-washed PA11 BESNO P40 TLO, which is a tested and proven material. The outer cover is made of polyamide. Due to the combination of these materials, the M-Series features the following properties: Low permeation rate High flexibility Low weight Proven material that is well-known in the offshore industry for a long time The hoses are suitable for applications up to 60°C (140°F). M-Series hoses offer the following advantages: Inner core made of methanol washed PA11 BESNO P40 TL0 Outer cover made of PA Up to four layers of high-tensile steel wire Very low permeation rate Working pressure of up to 1,035bar (15,000psi) High flexibility Full safety factor of 4:1  Highest standards of quality and safety SPIR STAR is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation committed to going the extra mile. All hoses meet and exceed industry specific standards, such as ISO13628-5:2009. SPIR STAR faces an ever-growing global demand for continuously higher pressure requirements and increasing safety standards. The experienced staff will assist you with any requests you may have.  Environmentally friendly operations with photovoltaic SPIR STAR is strongly committed to environmentally friendly operating procedures, generating its own electricity to power equipment and machinery. The dedication to providing environmentally friendly operations and high-quality services, combined with a strong commitment to progress and growth, allows SPIR STAR to continue developing new products and delivering outstanding services built on sustained customer satisfaction.

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