Special Consultants, Oilfield Rentals, Equipment


Management are of paramount importance to Special Consultants, Oilfield Rentals, Equipment Limited.

Our intention is to bring new life to the local and international oilfield service industry sector by providing high quality innovative oilfield services, equipment, personnel and value added solutions for client?s specific needs:

Oilfield Consultants for Drilling and Completion operations;

Oilfield pumping services equipment (Low & High pressure pumps);

Oilfield Filtration equipment;

Down-hole tools, i.e.- Liner hangers, Gravel-pack packers, Bridge plugs, Cement retainers, Inflatable packers, Down-hole Cameras and Gauges, Coil tubing tools, Junkable drilling motors, Centralizers, Floats, Drill pipe & Casing Friction reducers;

Drilling and completion support equipment, i.e. -FOSV?s, TIW, cementing swivels, drop ball circulating subs, single latch elevators, dog collar clamps, ditch magnets, remote SCSSV well-control panels,

Well-bore clean-out chemicals and down-hole cleaning tools;

Offshore cylindrical storage tank rentals (1000gallons each);

High & low pressure frac/gravel-pack manifolds, iron & hoses;

Air Transfer pumps & Centrifugal pumps;

Drilling, Completion and Production Chemicals;

Technical oilfield courses & auxiliary training programs;

Specialized safety equipment and Spill Control Equipment.

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