SMD is one of the world's leading subsea equipment manufacturers. Committed to high quality and performance, backed up by thorough engineering and solid support, SMD offers the largest range worldwide of subsea products, from work class ROVs to specialised trenching ROVs, ploughs and tracked vehicles.
SMD also provides a range of components branded as Curvetech, which can be used as building blocks for customers wishing to construct their own ROVs.
Work class ROV systems
The Q-series work class ROV range comprises three core vehicles - Quasar Compact, Quasar and Quantum - each offering different capabilities in areas such as subsea construction, drill support, IRM and survey.
The Quasar Compact fills the gap between the largest available electric ROVs and hydraulic work class ROVs. This powerful machine can run all standard work class hydraulic tooling and offers excellent current performance using its versatile hydraulic power source.
The Quasar is for those who wish to have the holding capability and instrument interfaces of a bigger vehicle, but in a smaller, more agile package. It is an excellent all-round performer capable of survey, construction and drill-support operations.
The Quantum is a construction class vehicle designed for those seeking an ultra-stable platform capable of operating in high-current conditions. Designed to cope with power-intensive deepwater tasks, Quantum is the ultimate subsea construction and survey tool.
Tether management systems
There are two main types of tether management systems (TMS): the tophat and the garage. Two standard sizes of each TMS are available: extended or compact. Each can accommodate a wide variety of work class ROVs.
The tophat TMS utilises a unique fleeting-drum design that offers a simple tether exit path for extended tether life. A choice of tethers can be fitted and each model offers differing tether capacities. Construction is primarily high-strength steel with stainless-steel crash protection.
Both the extended and compact garage TMS use the same proven components and offer height adjustment and open space for tooling. The design also permits rapid re-configuration for road transportation. Key advantages include tether-friendly exit path, variable speed deployment, ROV locking-latch with stabilisation snubber and SMD DVECS telemetry.
Pipeline, flexibles and cable burial systems
SMD is recognised as the world leader in equipment for trenching cables and pipelines for protection, stabilisation and insulation. It manufactures the widest range of ROVs, ploughs and tractors that can bury small-diameter cables up to 50in diameter pipelines in sand, clay and rock.
Recent examples include the 2.1MW Ultra Trencher 1 (the world's largest free-swimming ROV) the 2.4MW Rock Trencher 1 (the world's most powerful seabed tractor) and the Variable Multipass Plough (the world's most advanced pipeline plough).
Bespoke ROVs and subsea systems
SMD can apply our core engineering competences to provide bespoke solutions for a range of subsea applications. These include tooling, rock dump ROVs, seabed geotechnical tools, dredging devices and many other scenarios. They bring together the company's skills in remote intervention in harsh environments.
Launch and recovery systems for ROV
SMD offers stand-alone launch and recovery equipment (LARS) to support all ROV systems. This includes work class ROV winches and A-frames for varying sea states from shallow to deep water. Specifically designed high-sea state A-frames and winches are also available for larger vehicles such as trenching ROVS, ploughs and tractors.
ROV or remote subsea system components
SMD offers the Curvetech™ complete range of components, which can be used as building blocks for customers wishing to build their own ROVs or remote subsea systems. These include thrusters, hydraulic valve packs, hydraulic power packs, compensators and reservoirs that are used on all SMD systems.
ROV support, service and training
SMD regards the support of our equipment throughout its life to be as important as delivering a well engineered and reliable system. This is achieved in two ways: through a customer-orientated culture throughout the company, and by having a well-resourced customer service department that manages all customer enquiries.
SMD offers a full range of assistance including a 24hr emergency hotline, onshore and offshore technical support, engineering support, spares, equipment upgrades and training.
ROV simulator and training facility
SMD has a state-of-the-art training facility with modern training aids and a Q-series ROV simulator, where it delivers courses for all types of equipment using experienced training staff. The simulator is used for pilot training and specific mission practice.

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