SkoFlo Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of pressure-independent control valves, which are used to dispense chemicals into oil and gas production lines. We are an ISO 9001:2008 company with a powerful performance record. Pressure-independent control valves SkoFlo’s control valves are designed with a unique spring balance system that maintains a constant fluid output at a set point while pressure fluctuates within process lines. Constant fluid output allows users to provide more effective chemical injection treatments as both under and over-treating is eliminated. Pressure-independent flow regulators SkoFlo’s flow regulators use pressure-independent technology, developed and improved in over 20 years of service. Pressure-independent technology allows valves to maintain the same set point regardless of valve pressure-drop variation and power or communications loss. Our flow regulators have the following benefits: Long life - valves are still operating after 20 years of continuous service Highest continuous pressure-drop capacity and lowest regulated flow point in the industry Positive displacement flow meter technology allows continuous or on-demand operation - a key feature in a providing 25-year life Flows as low as 0.5l per day 10,000:1 turndown with 3% of off-reading accuracy Immune to viscosity or temperature changes Debris and flow-surge tolerant 15,000psi service Chemical injection valves Economics can be lost quickly if chemicals are not delivered. With over 400 SkoFlo chemical injection valves deployed in subsea operations, none have failed. SkoFlo has 21 years of service and 20,000 chemical injection valves in operation. We are committed to the specific development of chemical injection solutions. Surface injection regulators SkoFlo provides high-quality surface injection regulators. Regulators without a stable set point fail to recover capital and maintenance costs. Our customers routinely replace competitors' inadequate valves with SkoFlo products. ROV or diver-replaceable remote adjustable subsea valves The SkoFlo remote adjustable subsea valve (ROV or diver replaceable) is offered with the following valve options: Single SkoFlo valve core Fixed or variable orifice design Fixed orifice (LF) design standard 0.5gal to 2,000gal/day (1l – 7,570l/day) flow rate Flow as low as 0.3gpd (1l/day) available Variable orifice low flow (MF) design 0.15gpm -15gpm (0.4l/min - 56.8l/min) Dual SkoFlo valve core (can inject the same or different chemicals) Large internal filters (up to 110in² or 750cm² filter area) Side-mounted ROV replaceable Wetmate connector available Electrically operated valves SkoFlo provides electrically operated valves with single or dual-valve cores and a stab plate wetmate connector. The instrument has two valves per docking canister, saving valuable space on your subsea panel. The second position inside the canister can be used as a flushing jumper to bypass valve. With additional pressure transducers and a fixed orifice, the bypass jumper above can also serve as a flow meter to accurately measure the amount of bypassed fluid such as in a purge. The second valve core can be configured for the second chemical or as a redundant system. Control valve project management We provide turnkey project management from control valve product selection through to commissioning. Valve component engineering, machining and fabrication SkoFlo offers customer-driven designs and development for its valve components, specialising in mechanical, electrical and software engineering. SkoFlo has a 20,000ft² state-of-the-art machine shop, which produces over 80% of valve components. We ensure quality assurance through positive material identification and full material traceability. Our materials are 100% inspected via automated CMM. Valve flow monitoring and field conditions testing All SkoFlo valves are tested to 100% flow capacity at working pressure ratings at SFI, our testing facilities. Temperature-controlled flow calibration can be done with actual field chemicals, as well as component helium leak testing. All instruments are traceable to NIST. SFI offers complete environmental extremes testing, including shock and vibration, ATM tests to 6,000psi (413bar) -13,300ft (4,053m), docking tests under injection pressure, temperature, injection and supply pressure tested to 15,000psi (1,035bar) and -60°F to 195°F (-51°C to 90°C). External pressure can be simulated to 6,000psi (414bar).

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