Skimoil inc-Separator Systems / Pollution Control


Skimoil specialize in the technologies, equipment and systems for getting oil or dirt out of water (or vice-versa) bilge water and other industrial liquids; pollution control - waste minimization and recycling of oils and liquid/solids oily wastes. WE LOVE OIL

We provide alternatives as well as the standard solutions to industrial maintenance, operational, environmental and pollution control problems in the steel, primary metals, petro-chem, manufacturing, transport and marine industries.

Our pledge is "the Right Stuff" for your applications, through the use of existing, innovative and unique technologies and equipment that can be used off the shelf or modified, customized, or otherwise packaged and configured to fit your specific needs.

Our Retrofit Systems; (R/S) equipment is designed to be worked in with your existing operations, or even easier - used on new applications or as stand alone systems.

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