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The energy industry relies on increasingly large volumes of complex scientific and engineering data to make investment and management decisions to discover and produce oil and gas. SGI is the leader in this area and specializes in providing the technology to enable oil and gas companies to excel at these tasks. SGI's introduction of Visual Area Networking can now deliver this state-of-the-art advanced visualization technology to larger numbers of people anyplace, anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Engineers and earth scientists can now collaborate in real time with their counterparts in distant offices and at advanced visualization sites on their most complex simulations, visualizations, and decision models.

SGI? high-performance computing, complex data management, and visualization solutions are well suited to existing and emerging applications associated with exploring and producing petroleum in the energy industry. Seismic imaging applications make extensive use of the high-performance 3D and 4D processing and volume-visualization capabilities of SGI? Reality Center? environments to make oil-well planning a faster and more accurate process. In addition, the scalable computing and complex data management capabilities of the SGI? Origin? 3000 series servers are utilized for reservoir simulation to more efficiently manage existing energy reserves.

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