Sichuan Kunlun Petroleum Equipment Manufactory


ZPEC Trade is the subsidiary company of Zhongman Petroleum Exploration Corporation (hereinafter shorted as ZPEC). ZPEC Trade is the sales and purchase center of ZPEC. There are total three petroleum equipment manufactories governed by ZPEC. One is 3H (Shanghai) Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. (3HPEC), and the others are ZPEC PDC Bit Co., Ltd (hereinafter referenced as ZPEC PDC) and Sichuan Kunlun Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referenced as KPEM). ZPEC Trade was registered in Beijing, the Capital of China. The office is next to the 2008 Olympic Sports Center (Bird's Nest Gymnasium). The business scope covers the export and import of goods including but not limited to petroleum drilling rigs, workover rigs, rig spare parts, drilling tools and pipes, oil and gas tubes, instruments and transport vehicles.

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