Shaw Pipeline Services


A division of ShawCor, Shaw Pipeline Services provides reliable pipeline weld inspection services to the oil and gas industry. Shaw Pipeline Services' pipeline inspection techniques and procedures provide high-resolution weld evaluation using state of the art automated ultrasonic testing equipment.
Shaw Pipeline Services' ultrasonic testing equipment provides weld evaluation and defect sizing assessment for automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding processes.
Our pipeline inspection capability benefits from decades of experience in the pipeline industry. Our procedures meet standard inspection specifications for Workmanship Acceptance Criteria or Alternative Acceptance Criteria based on the Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) method. We ensure that welding repairs are kept to a minimum by providing welders with quick and accurate process control feedback derived from ultrasonic inspection data.
Shaw Pipeline Services' "total weld inspection" philosophy incorporates the use of focused probe technology, augmented by Time Of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) techniques, to accurately locate and size flaws within a weld. In dynamic offshore environments, Shaw Pipeline Services continues to meet the ever-changing demands of its customers by successfully adapting its inspection techniques to increasingly challenging technical applications through hardware and software enhancements.
We inspect onshore and offshore pipeline facilities where welding processes such as GMAW, SAW and Manual Stick are utilized. Shaw Pipeline Services also specializes in the inspection of risers, Steel Catenary Risers (SCR), flowlines, speciality fabrications and clad material systems. We have developed the largest, most experienced technican pool in the industry with over 130 AUT personnel, including 30 SCR qualified operators.
Our automated ultrasonic weld inspection equipment is readily adaptable for all fabrication scenarios including single, double and quad joint facilities, offshore S-Lay and J-Lay configurations. Shaw Pipeline Services maintains sophisticated training facilities based in Houston and Great Yarmouth. These facilities are utilised for SPS personnel, client and contractor training.
Shaw Pipeline Services was established in 1990 to deliver AUT services for the pipeline industry and is now regarded as the leading company in its field.
Led by a carefully planned growth strategy, Shaw Pipeline Services has successfully expanded its equipment fleet to serve the global market.
Shaw Pipeline Services completed its first AUT weld inspection project in 1991, servicing a 270km, 48in pipeline for TransCanada Pipeline. In 1994 it introduced AUT technology in the Gulf of Mexico on the offshore Mars project.
In 1997 the division implemented its global expansion strategy with the acquisition of the UK-based QED. This enabled the division to strengthen its presence in the Eastern Hemisphere The same year Shaw Pipeline Services introduced AUT into Saudi Arabia on the Shaybah project. In 1998 its AUT technology was introduced to Latin America on the Gasbol project, to the North Sea on the Ketch Corvette projects, and to the Far East on the West Natuna project. In 1999 its AUT technology was introduced to the US land sector on the Alliance project.
As the new millennium rolled in, Shaw Pipeline Services further expanded its service capabilities through the acquisition of the leading US pipeline inspection company, Edwards Pipeline Services. Growth continues to be a central strategy as we focus on the dynamic needs of our customers in a technically challenging environment.

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