SGS Vernolab : Used Oil analysis and Diagnosis


Vernolab S.A. was crated in 1977 by a major oil company in Verneuil sur Avre, in Normandy. for more than 25 years, SGS vernolab has made diagnosis on engines and machines, based on used oil analysis. We are also analysing fuels and lubricants for Quality control Purposes, for Equipment condition Monitoring or for ad hoc samples.
Preventive Maintenance for engines and machines helps customers to plan maintenance periods, to significanlty reduce direct and indiretc costs and to avoid incidents.
SGS Vernolab provides services to many markets such as aviation, marine, transport, civil engineering and insurance as well as general public.
SGS Vernolab has 2 sites in France and 1 in the United Kingdom but benefit from the SGS worldwide presence (143 countries) and experience (more than 300 labs)

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