Sense Intellifield


Sense Intellifield is an independent supplier of products, systems and solutions for real time remote operations to operators / contractors in the oil and gas industry. We are a leading provider of operation centers, offshore / onshore integration, real time data management, visualization and analysis software and real time intelligence.

Sense Intellifield is the market leader in remote operation centers to the oil & gas industry, ranging from offshore operation centers for special disciplines to large operation centers for an entire land organization.
With a unique portfolio of proven and scalable components we can tailor operation centers to suit any budget and operational goal.

Sense Intellifield is an independent provider of standards-based products for acquiring, distributing and managing real-time and historical well site data.

Our data management product line is based upon the development of the SiteCom system. SiteCom is architectured to provide real time data flow between any site in a fully secure, redundant manner, using a minimum of bandwidth. It consist of solutions for well site data collection and format conversion as well as central servers receiving data from multiple well sites, storing and forwarding real time data to any number of global users.

Built on top of our broad base of installed remote operations center, Sense Intellifield develops visualization tools especially suitable for real time decisions in real time environment. Our systems enable organizations to easily access, customize and analyze real time data coming from any well site. By building on work flow changes that appear when incorporating real time operations, our visualization systems add real time decision power to entire organizations.

Sense Intellifield works closely with the client providing studies and planning services prior to implementation, as well as after sales services, service contracts, on line support after a project has ended.

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