Self Leveling Machines


Self Leveling Machines (SLM), an onsite machining company, specializes in machining large circular and irregular-shaped surfaces on structural components for the offshore industry. With readily portable equipment, we cover worldwide demands for onsite machining from our five bases around the globe.
Machining of floating production storage offloading vessels (FPSOs)
SLM has machined the world's biggest FPSOs using our laser-controlled self-leveling machine (XL-CSLM). There is virtually no size limit in diameter and vertical height to what we can machine. Machining of the ship's moon pool is included in this work, including machining inconel.
SLM has compact CNC X/Y mills to machine pockets and odd shapes.
Turret-slew bearing faces and CALM buoys machining
SLM’s circular self-leveling machine (CSLM) machines the circular components of components for turrets, including turret-slew rings and connection faces, as well as CALM buoys. SLM's CSLM can handle a circular face up to 9m (30ft) in diameter.
Floating crane roller paths and hook rails machining
SLM's XL-CSLM is ideal for floating cranes. Attachments to this machine enable the hook rail to be machined. Our X/Y mills are used to machine large pad areas.
On and offshore crane-slew bearing faces machining
Pedestals and crane-body slew faces can be machined individually or after jack-up of the crane body and bearing removal using SLM's low-profile circular self-leveling machine (LP-CSLM). Very tight tolerances can be achieved, suitable for cross-roller bearings.
X/Y mills for modules, pipe-laying vessels and machinery pads machining
SLM has a range of X/Y mills up to 11.7m long and 5.5m wide for machining of modules, pipe-laying vessels, machinery pads, etc.
Drilling, tapping and back-facing machines
SLM has a range of drilling machines which can be attached to our mills or used individually to handle all bolting requirements.
Boring bars for stern drives and lugs
SLM bases have a range of boring bars to handle most situations, including stern drives and lugs.
Onsite machining QA laser surveys
SLM has scanning lasers and laser trackers to carry out pre and post-machining surveys and support our clients' survey requirements.