Seis-Strat Services, LLC is a leading provider of employee providing services to both the sciences and energy industries. We are uniquely positioned to provide a full suite of services to our Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Hydrogen, and Alternative Energy clients around the globe.
Seis-Strat serves the fossil fuels industries, including significant support capabilities within the upstream, downstream and oil service companies.
Depending on the requirements of your specific need, Seis Strat Services, LLC will deliver the solution.
? Executive Search
? Contingency Search
? Consultants
? Strategy
? Augmented Staff
? Pay-Rolling
With a particular focus in providing:
Geologist * Geophysicist * Drilling Engineer * Petrophysicist * Basin Modeler * Sedimentoloigist Completion Engineer * Production Engineer * Reservoir Engineer * Geo Tech* Eng Tech * Management * Landman*
Physicist * Engineering * Nuclear Engineer * Mining Engineer

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